Unique Gifts That May Surprise Your Boyfriend

Unique Gifts That May Surprise Your Boyfriend: #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #boyfriend #uniquegifts #giftideas #relationships #boyfriendgifts #gifts
Unique Gifts That May Surprise Your Boyfriend: #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #boyfriend #uniquegifts #giftideas #relationships #boyfriendgifts #gifts

After a while, we get to know our significant other better than we know ourselves. We know how they think and react, we know what they love and what they hate. This should make buying gifts a piece of cake, right? Well, no. Speaking of cakes, you can always check online cake shops too.

For more options, you can check this eCommerce store for different choices of Beef Jerky baskets. But if you’re at the beginning of your relationship and you don’t know your boyfriend all that well, or if you’ve been through quite a few celebrations together and you’ve run out of gift ideas – here’s a list of some unique gifts you can give that are sure to pleasantly surprise your boyfriend. (Kira Auf der Heide/Unsplash)

Scavenger Hunt

Make the gifting a part of the gift. Just giving someone a gift is nice, but making it an experience that lasts for a while and involves activities you do together is much better! Make notes with clues that will take him from one place to the next and make it as big or as small as you want: A hunt around your house or a hunt around your town. You can make it sentimental by making all the stops in some of the places connected to your relationship – where you first met, your first date, etc. At the very end of the scavenger hunt, they find a gift. You can always tailor this experience, for example, if you both like hiking, you can go in advance and place gifts and notes along a trail and then take the hike again together to collect them.

Custom Comic

What better way to immortalize your relationship than a comic strip depicting it? You can hire a local artist to draw up the comic – whether it’s displaying the life of your boyfriend to this point or just some specific event you two had. Depending on your budget, it can be one comic strip that you can frame and gift as an art piece, or a whole comic book from your favorite online comic books store that they can read over and over again and cherish like the most precious collector’s item. If you really want to do something big and special, you can use this comic to propose engagement, moving in, or some other big step in your relationship!

Their Hobby

If your boyfriend has a specific hobby they are interested in, you can always gift them something relating to it. For example, if your boyfriend is into skating or loves watching skateboarding videos, gifting him his favorite kind of skateboard or longboard is great. . Additionally, you could consider gifting him skateboard lessons to help him improve his skills and enjoy his hobby even more. If they are really into scooters, you could even use a custom scooter builder if you know what they like. You can buy some great stuff at  Skates.co.uk. For ideas, there are blogs listing everything a man could want for a specific interest and hobby. And in the unlikely case, you can’t find a specific hobby there, you can ask around with their friends who enjoy the same hobby. If you’re not familiar with the hobby, it’s always best to ask for advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Because the last thing you want to do is get them something they already have – or a worse version of it – making them feel guilty for not using your gift when in reality it’s not something they can get much use out of.


Gifting experiences are always a good idea. If their favorite band, performer, or exhibition is in town, you can get two tickets for the event and go together. If you can get the tickets for his actual birthday, you can have an amazing surprise, but if the dates don’t match up – just gifting those tickets is a big enough gift, and one they’ll remember once again when the event comes.

The Perfect Night In

Another idea for and experience is to make an amazing night in for the two of you. Make sure you know ahead of time exactly what his favorites are: favorite food, dessert, movie to watch, games to play, or anything else you can think of. Just make the night perfect in every way. They will appreciate it so much, not just because of the night, but because you took the time to really make sure the experience is tailored to his liking.

A Gift That Keeps Giving

Take into consideration gifts that last for a long time. Something like a box full of affirmations that they can read throughout the entire year, a plant that will grow and last for a decade, or something similar. These are things that are not only a good gift, but they confirm your belief in the longevity of your relationship.

Any gift given from the heart will be a good gift in the eyes of the receiver. However, putting some extra time into choosing a gift that is unique and special for the man you love will really show how much you care. Make sure you wrap it up nicely and write a sweet note to go along with the gift!

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