Ultra-Large Private Jet: Gulfstream G550

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Gulfstream G550 is a leading private jet with an ultra-large cabin. It’s efficient in long-range and short-range missions. Either its business trip or luxury adventure, this aircraft takes you there with ease. The private jet accommodates every traveler, even the most discriminating one. Overall, the 2011 G550 is the best large-cabin aircraft in its class.

The G550 is a product of General Dynamics Gulfstream Aerospace, a company based in Savannah, Georgia, US. Its certification designation code is GV-SP. In January 2016, there was an estimate of 450 G550 jets in operation. Moreover, the manufacturer expects to deliver the final commercial unit in 2021.

Performance and Engine Overview of a Private Jet  

Gulfstream 550 flies courtesy of two Rolls-Royce engines, the BR700-710C4-11. The two powering engines offer more thrust than any other jet in its class. They also take the aircraft to 6750 nautical miles of cruise range, meaning the G550 flies from Shanghai to Los Angeles non-stop while at Mach 0.80.

Above all, it requires minimal refueling stops and incurs no extra landing fees. An attribute that is a plus when on your private business trips. It can also push the cruising speed to Mach 0.85, which translates to an airspeed of about 480 knots.

Other additional worthy to note are enhancements like drag-reduction, drain mast, and antennas that conform to the fuselage. Also, the engineers reconfigured the cabin’s outflow pressurization valve. The purpose of doing so was to recover escaping air in the form of tiny thrusting bits.

Interior, Exterior, and Cabin Specifications

This ultra-large Gulfstream luxury jet features one of the seamless interior makeovers, and its inside styling enhances the in-flight experience for all 16-passenger and the crew. The floor plan includes a forward four-place club and a four-place conference group right opposite the credenza.  

The aft cabin has a two-place club and four place divan. Each of the seats comes mounted with an LCD. It also includes a resting place for the crew. Furthermore, the forward galley contains an Espresso, microwave oven, high-temp oven, coffee machine, and refrigerator.

Gulfstream’s oval signature windows compliment the spacious, bright cabin. It also has an iPad integration, which gives you the power to control cabin aspects such as climate, entertainment, or lighting. Plus, the leather-clad cockpit comes with manual ergonomic controls, seatings, and advanced avionic technology.

Equally, the exterior looks clean. Its overall color is white with accent charcoal and light gray stripes.

The Price of this Private Jet

Over the years, the production of Gulfstream Jets has been on a decline. But its value as the most preferred business jet is still on demand. So, if you are looking for reliable aircraft that feature the latest avionics, the 2011 G550 is the ideal one. The price tags on online dealers read approximately $15.5 million.

Last Remarks

With Gulfstream jets, it guarantee’s you a flawless and comfortable flight. The Gulfstream Aerospace has integrated and modernized the cockpit and flight deck. Too, they added some extra soundproofing as well as sound-absorbing materials to the custom-built cabin.

Lastly, this leading large-cabin private jet is different from other Gulfstream variants. The seventh passenger window on both sides is what distinguishes this prestigious jet from other Gulfstreams planes.


Ultra-Large Private Jet: The 2011 Gulfstream G550 #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #privatejet #jets #luxuryjet #buyajet #jetonline #jetcharter #gulfstream #2011gulfstreamg550 #gulfstream g550 #gulfstreamgv-vp #businessjet #privatebusinessjet

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