Luxury SUV: Range Rover Autobiography Fifty

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Luxury SUV: Range Rover Autobiography Fifty #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #rangerover #2021autobiographyfiftyedition #2021rangeroverautobiographyfiftyedition #luxurysuv #rangeroversuv #coolcars #luxurycars #dreamcars #fastcars #cars #carmagazine #popularcarmagazine #autobiographyfifty #britishbrand #landrover

Hello, Land Rover! We hear you are celebrating your fiftieth anniversary this year. Is it true you will release a celebratory lineup? Can you also confirm that the 1970 model will be built and sold globally as a commemoration of your first year of production? Those without a clue read on to learn more about the luxury SUV Range Rover Autobiography Fifty.

First, all responses to the above questions are affirmative. The British brand is indeed turning fifty years, and for celebrations, they will roll out a limited model of the Autobiography Fifty. The luxury SUV will be part of the 2021 model year alongside two more special editions. That is the HSE Westminster Edition and SVAutobiography Dynamic Black Edition.

The Range Rover Autobiography Fifty is the flagship SUV for the ultra-limited edition. It will come in three select color options. And yet, each cool SUV will show copious badging and an Autobiography grade.

Engine Output and performance of Autobiography Fifty Edition

Land Rover will offer the Autobiography Fifty Edition in two body styles, the standard and long-wheelbase. For the standard, it will offer three choices of cylinder types, which are four, six, and eight-cylinder. Moreover, the luxury SUVs will ride on a V6 engine with options of either gasoline or diesel. The powertrain will generate about 254hp and 443 pounds of torque.

The standard Range Rover will also have an electric motor that is a mild hybrid or plug-in hybrid. They will assist the inline-six turbocharged powertrain. Actually, all the Range Rovers with an inline-six and V6 diesel drivetrain deliver up to 518 hp. Upon testing, the acceleration levels were superb and relaxed.

Whereas, the top cool SUV in this lineup will feature a rowdy supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine. Its output reaches 557 hp, and torque levels are 516 pounds. Plus, the Range Rover Fifty is a beast that does shocking accelerations, synonymous with fast cars.

Interior and Exterior Upgrades of the SUV Range Rover Fifty

The Interior of Range Rover Fifty Edition builds from the heritage of luxury and expensive Autobiography. This latest edition brings forth several bespoke designs for interior and exterior. 

Each Range Rover for the 2021 model year comes with leather seats, wood-veneer trim, and a heated leather steering wheel. In contrast, the flagship version will have leather extended up to the headliners. The seats will have a massage function, plus you can easily pass the carpet lining at the cargo compartment for a finished wood.

The cargo space behind the second row measures 32 cubic feet. It can accommodate 13 carry-on cases with the back seat in place. Hence, making the SUV a cool choice for a family of five persons.

The exterior received a unique accent finish of gold-tinted metal called Auric Atlas. They are bigger than the ones on the original Range Rover. Another inclusion is the 22-inch wheel designs, scripted with “Fifty” badges.

Market Price of this Limited Fifty Edition

The Land Rover will sell the latest edition of Autobiography Fifty Edition for $ 149,850. Other models in the lineup like HSE Westminster Edition will sell for less than $105,000, and the SVAutobiography Dynamic Black Edition will go for $184,350.


It’s an honor for the British brand to achieve such a milestone. Likewise, it is an excellent opportunity for fans of Land Rover luxury SUVs and fast SUVs, especially the millennials. They have a chance to feel the modernized first classic car that ushered the Range Rover brand in 1970.

Above all, Range Rover remains a leading brand for luxury SUVs. For over 50 years, they have been churning out remarkable models that are versatile and family-friendly. Plus, they have been consistent in their approach towards engineering and innovation.

(Images Courtesy of Land Rover)

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