Ultimate Dream Cars: Maserati Alfieri

Ultimate Dream Cars: Maserati Alfieri
Ultimate Dream Cars: Maserati Alfieri

When it comes to the ultimate luxury experience, we can always count on Maserati to deliver one of the world’s smoothest drives. And with its Alfieri concept model, the Italian manufacturer looks to create one of the most luxurious experiences the automotive world has ever seen. The Maserati Alfieri presents one major goal—take everything great about the Ghibli and Quattroporte, and combine it to form the ultimate dream car.


Anyone who ever followed Maserati’s luxury cars knows the Alfieri has some big shoes to fill. Previous luxury cars from Maserati were some of the coolest cars on the market. Thankfully, the Alfieri promises to provide an exceptional driving experience with the 3.0-liter twin turbo V-6 engine.

Ultimate Dream Cars: Maserati Alfieri

In fact, upon looking at the Alfieri’s specs, there’s no denying this will be a fast car. Maserati will offer three different engine packages. The first will offer 410 horsepower. This is upgradable to 450 hp and a rumored 520 hp. Even the base model offers a hefty amount of power. So, with this in mind, buyers can expect the Alfieri to offer quite a bit of speed and acceleration.

Continuing with the fun, the Maserati Alfieri promises to add an eight-speed automatic transmission. This means you can expect some smooth shifts while driving through any city or countryside. Also, this possibly means the car will offer some decent fuel economy as well.

Aside from the gearbox and motor, Maserati revealed little other driving specs for its Alfieri. The company mentioned the car will come in rear-wheel drive and all-wheel –drive variants. Other than this tidbit, information about this dream car seems a bit limited outside of a few specs.

Ultimate Dream Cars: Maserati Alfieri

But we can still feel optimistic about this car. Remember, Maserati is employing the same motor used to power the strong performing Ghibli and Quattroporte. If Maserati hits the formula right here, the Italian manufacturer might create one of the best performances a luxury car has ever seen.


The fun does not stop under the hood. Moving to the outside of the car, no one can overlook the Alfieri’s sleek and sensual design.

The front of this fast car displays a deep, low set grille. Resting between the vehicle’s fenders, no chrome surrounds the bottom of this grille. Thus, the car creates the illusion of it floating off the ground. Imagine how sleek this design will look as it glides down highways.

Ultimate Dream Cars: Maserati Alfieri

The entire body of this cool car presents a modern design with contoured curves and slopes. In fact, sharp angles seem like a rarity on the alluring Alfieri.

At the same time, the car evokes some memories of 1950s luxury models with its elongated hood. In other words, the Alfieri successfully blends a retro feel with a sleek futuristic design unlike any other luxury car on the market.


Sure, the Maserati Alfieri drives fast and looks great. But at the end of the day, this is a luxury car. So upon opening that side door, you’re immediately greeted with a comforting and stylish leather interior. In fact, the leather seats look to offer passengers one of the most relaxing experiences they ever felt in a luxury car.

Ultimate Dream Cars: Maserati Alfieri

Looking past the seats and consoles, no one can miss the sleek Maserati blue lights illuminating from the car’s gauges. Beyond this, Maserati has yet to reveal many details about its dash. But judging from the Italian automaker’s previous luxury cars, we already know we can expect some fun features.

Here’s the Bottom Line

Simply put, the Maserati Alfieri is a cool car. There’s no denying that this vehicle combines beauty with luxury. So far, prices for this car are vague. Rumors range from $70,000 to a full $150,000 for the highest 520 hp model. Sure, this might seem like quite the price range. But at the end of the day, who can place a price on this level of luxury?

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