Types Of Aircraft Upholstery And The Latest Trends

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When it comes to the materials used for covering the aircraft’s seat, the aircraft upholstery is the material that protects and conceals the aircraft seat. At the same time, the passengers get the required comfort. Hence, the fabric does not narrow down to seat coverings but also embraces the airplane’s carpeting. The upholstery varies from one class to another. Suppose you travel in an economy class or by private jet, you will find various materials used and the quality. However, if you are looking for a lightweight and durable upholstery for an aircraft, UF Ultrafabrics offers you many such fabrics at cost-effective rates.

What are the types of aircraft upholstery?

UF Ultrafabrics offers different aircraft upholstery according to different classes in an aircraft. They are:

  • Fabric – An aircraft fabric upholstery is a covering used for open structures in an aircraft. The aircraft also uses it for reinforcing closed plywood structures. The fabric covering features you with a light aircraft that lifts and controls the surfaces. It is designed to provide strength to weak structures.
  • Leather – Upholstery leather features the hides of animal skins. The cow’s skin is a commonly used hide for producing upholstery. You can get the upholstery in different kinds of leather from cowhide. If you are looking for leather upholstery for your airplane seat, you will find aircraft leather as the most natural leather. The other types of leather upholstery are semi-airline leather with a semi-transparent protective coating. The pigmented leather offers a fine pigmented spray that would coat the leather. It makes the covering smooth, so there will be no color variations within the hide. The coating present in the leather makes an artificial grain look like grain looks natural on the leather, making the cleaning simple.
  • Vinyl – A Vinyl upholstery fabric is one of an aircraft’s most versatile materials; the aircraft uses vinyl fabric owing to its flexibility, affordability, and durability. It is one of the most frequently used materials across the world. The other causes of using vinyl upholstery are:
    • Fire retardant –The chlorine-based presence in vinyl upholstery does not allow the material to get ignited or burned. The flame would stop instantly once you removed the source. 
    • Durable – An upholstery made of vinyl fabric lasts long due to its molecular composition. It is known for its firm surface and excellent performance.
    • Water-resistant – The vinyl upholstery is known for absorbing abrasions and moisture. It also has a durable, water-resistant finish that repels water and moisture.
    • Versatility – Vinyl upholstery features versatility as it can also be used in hardwearing as industrial tarps or soft food warps.
    • Easy cleaning – You can clean the vinyl upholstery fabric with a wet cloth.
  • Cotton – The cotton aircraft upholstery is one of the fabrics that come to you at lower costs. Cotton upholstery is the original fabric used for covering airframes. It features you with the characteristics of being soft and comfy. It is a trendy fabric that you can use for almost all purposes. The aircraft uses cotton upholstery for seats, sofas, and other durable furniture items.

What are the latest trends in aircraft upholstery?

The airlines concentrate on projecting their brand image to attract passengers. They work on cabin retrofitting and restyling the airplane seats. The aircraft upholstery fabrics are now a viable solution for airline operators to provide different services and maintain a proper balance between cost and aesthetics. You can expect an increased demand for commercial aircraft for upholstery. 

At UF Ultrafabrics, our team designs different types of aircraft upholstery with unique designs. 


Aircraft upholstery aims to comfort passengers while they travel to different places.

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