Be YOU Beauty Set. SHOP NOW!!!

Be YOU Beauty Set

Makeup has long been used to enhance and intensify beauty. This makeup set is designed around enhancing and intensifying your natural beauty and making you shine underneath the products. Be confident and be ultimately you with the freedom and expression this set offers. (Image Credit: Polyvore)

Shein Professional Makeup Brushes

At the heart of every makeup look is the tool that was used to apply the makeup. The right tools can make or break a look. This seven-piece brush set will definitely do the former, effortlessly blending out your makeup and giving you that flawless airbrushed look to all of your makeup. The bristles are silky soft, which makes the application of your makeup a pampering experience.

Shein Makeup Brush Set. BUY NOW!!!

Shein Makeup Brush Set. BUY NOW!!!

Bobbi Brown New York Palette

The ultimate way to complement and enhance your own beauty is to use fabulous earth tone shimmering eye shadows. This palette comes with four shades, the formulas varying from matte to intense shimmers. These shadows have zero fallout and blend effortlessly to give that dramatic smokey-eyed look or a simple natural-makeup look. Bring out the natural beauty of your eyes and make your own beauty bolder. This palette can do it all. This must have mirrored compact includes a rose pink blush to accentuate your already beautiful cheek bones.

Bobbi Brown New York Palette. BUY NOW!!!

Bobbi Brown New York Palette. BUY NOW!!!

KIM K.W. Lipstick

Nothing goes better with a soft and natural look like nude lipstick. This light pink nude is perfect for any skin tone, making it something that works for anyone. The color will make your lips look brighter and fuller, offering that ideal and kissable pout. It is easy to apply and creamy upon application, making your lips feel hydrated and soft. This nude will definitely bring out the natural shape of your lips and enhance your beauty.

Kim K.W. Nude Lipstick. BUY NOW!!!

Kim K.W. Nude Lipstick. BUY NOW!!!

Heavenly Eau de Parfum

A subtle scent is always just the right touch to draw someone to you. Good hygiene is sexy and a type of beauty of its own. This ‘Heavenly’ fragrance by Victoria Secret is simple, warm and addicting. At the forefront is the floral scent of white peonies, giving just a touch of femininity. Under the first note is the warm and cozy mix of sandalwood and vanilla, adding sweetness. To round it all off and provide depth, a white musk finishes off the fragrance. Ultimately, this scent is alluring, simple, and it will complement your own beauty.

Victoria's Secret 'Heavenly' Perfume. BUY NOW!!!

Victoria’s Secret ‘Heavenly’ Perfume. BUY NOW!!!

In summary, this set will enhance the beauty you already have, intensifying your looks. Makeup is all about expression and these products give you so much variety to play with. Do not miss out!

Written by Lexie Sheridon


Jacqueline Maddison

Jacqueline Maddison

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