Tips For Fleet Management Success

Tips For Fleet Management Success
Tips For Fleet Management Success

Logistics management requires human decision-making skills more than many other sectors. It is one of the sectors where automation is used at minimal levels. Fleet management is a good example that we can discuss here. Long distance coach and bus companies must employ the fleet management concept if they want to succeed. They must consider safety, security, utilities and even entertainment for their drivers and passengers at all times. When it comes to entertainment for such buses, nothing can match the EyeRide TV and entertainment system. Let us see what fleet management entails.

A Look into the Past of Fleet Management

A few decades ago, we would say that things were a bit difficult for the fleet owners. They relied on disparate forms, and they waited for their drivers to report back after the completion of the errand. Buses and coaches could only make a landline telephone call upon arrival to their destination. Things were slow and uncertain; success elusive.

When modern fleet management emerged, it promised use of data and technology to solve problems in real time and increase the profit margins for the fleet owners. Further, safety and security improvement were also the priority. True to the inventors’ promises, we have seen the fruits today and hope for more in the future.

Tips For Fleet Management Success

Fleet Management of Today

As part of logistics management, the fleet is now managed in a more sophisticated way than ever. According to George Phil, a senior manager at a reputable fleet management company, there is no stone that is left unturned in this matter. Safety, security enhancement, cost cutting and comfort of vehicle occupants are all important priorities. He further advises that fleet owners must take the initiative to embrace all the fleet technology that is available. It may sound costly initially, but the benefits to reap are numerous. Here are some of the fleet management technologies used today.

  • GPS tracking system – it has been in use for a long time now and keeps on advancing its features. Apart from just showing the route to the driver and telling the owner where their vehicles are, owners can even switch off the vehicle remotely with the click of a button.
  • Vehicle onboard driver assistant features – new features keep on coming with the dawn of every new day. Cruise control features, lane control and instant braking systems are the popular ones today. They come installed in the vehicle, and so it is better to consider modern vehicles as part of your fleet.
  • Entertainment and internet – a reputable fleet manager will tell you that a good entertainment system is crucial if you deal with passengers as clients. Whether it is music, movies, TV or internet browsing capabilities, you need to provide some form of entertainment.


Finally, fleet management companies must have clear logistics to deal with their clients’ needs. One of the greatest needs is to know where each one of their clients’ vehicles is at any one time. They must also keep the passengers happy and comfortable while maintaining their safety. With the current fleet management technology, making this possible is very easy. Success can be yours.


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