Travel To These Cities In Europe

Travel To These Cities In Europe
Travel To These Cities In Europe

Are you already looking forward to your next European travel adventure? The continent is so vast, there are many different types of vacations you could choose from. From skiing in the Swiss Alps to sunbathing on a beach in Portugal, there will certainly be a trip that will suit your tastes. If you have already been to Europe a few times, you might feel like you have almost done it all. But that certainly isn’t true! Here are some of Europe’s best-kept secrets; be sure to book a  trip to one of these awesome places for your next vacation!

Porto Portugal

Porto is known for its cute medieval center, which features some awe-inspiring architecture. But it isn’t all history, though, as there is plenty of cutting-edge architecture peppered throughout. Tourists should definitely stop off at the city’s Contemporary Art Gallery to see some fabulous modern art from local and international artists. Also a major destination for foodie travelers, you will be able to find some truly wonderful restaurants serving contemporary takes on traditional Portuguese classics. Make sure that you eat plenty of the local seafood and sample as much of the traditional port wine that you can find! Your taste buds certainly won’t regret it!

Travel To These Cities In Europe

Helsinki, Finland

In addition, if you love culture, this is a great tarvel destination for you.  Well, there will be plenty of opportunities to indulge your passion during your trip to Helsinki! Finland’s cosmopolitan capital! You can learn all about the history of the city and Finland at the Seurasaari Open Air Museum. Once you have soaked up all the history, be sure to stop off at one of the cool cafes for a quick cup of coffee. Helsinki is also well known for being one of the best spots to see the Northern Lights. For the best light show, head there during the Solar Maximum. What is the solar maximum exactly? It’s a period of high solar activity, which improves the quality and frequency of the Northern Lights.

Travel To These Cities In Europe

Brno, Czech Republic

If you fancy traveling to the Czech Republic, you might be put off from visiting the capital city, Prague, because of all the crowds of tourists. Fancy a quieter alternative? Then why not head to the pretty city of Brno. It may be difficult to pronounce, but you certainly won’t have any difficulty finding all the best sites and attractions! There are thousands of students living in this city, so expect a very lively time there! The cafes, bars, and restaurants are always buzzing with life, and you won’t have trouble finding some excellent nightlife spots and hangouts. There are also plenty of fabulous museums in the city: be sure to check out the Museum of Romani Culture.

In conclusion, these three picks of the best-kept European secrets will make for some exciting European adventures! One thing is certain, you will have a fantastic time wherever you jet off to. Just remember that there is more to each European country than the big cities that everyone has heard of. Do your research, you will surely find some fantastic destinations to explore!


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