Travel To The Oyster Bay Hotel, Tanzania

Travel To The Oyster Bay Hotel, Tanzania
Travel To The Oyster Bay Hotel, Tanzania

The Oyster Bay Hotel in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania is a luxury 5-star hotel that offers guests a unique experience that will leave them feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the world.   It is only 15 minutes from the city center and 30 minutes from the airport, directly across from the Indian Ocean. With only eight guest suites, guests receive the high quality level of service and attention they deserve. With so many fascinating interests inside, it is quite easy to check in and completely shut off the rest of the world. The hotel is tastefully and artfully decorated with African inspired furnishings and art pieces. It offers just the right amount of everything and not too much of anything! A visit to Dar es Salaam definitely deserves a stay at The Oyster Bay Hotel.

Travel To The Oyster Bay Hotel, Tanzania

Guest suites are situated on just 3 floors. Each suite has its own private balcony, which faces the ocean. Suites are spacious with both air-conditioning units and fans, allowing you to create the temperature that is suited just for you. Suites also have a lounge, plasma screen television, and a writing desk. The ensuite bathrooms are also very spacious, as it is an open plan with a freestanding bathtub, enclosed toilet, and a walk through shower.

There is a nice flow from the lounge area inside onto the outdoor dining and lounge areas. Guests have the option of eating indoors or outside on the lovely verandah, which overlooks the hotels beautiful garden and well-manicured pool area. While we will admit that it would be rather difficult to get much work done while staying here, a well-appointed study with Internet access is available for use during your stay. Every area of the hotel is air-conditioned and also has ceiling fans that will allow an even cross ventilation of air to flow through the hotel.

Travel To The Oyster Bay Hotel, Tanzania

It would be difficult to have an amazing stay without the help of an amazing team of hospitality specialists. This is what you will find when you visit The Oyster Bay Hotel. The entire staff makes you feel as though you are a guest in their home. You are kindly greeted by the hotel manager and other staff members, who will assist with your bags and get you settled into your suite. They will assist with your dining reservations if you choose to eat out or kindly arrange your meals (included in the cost of accommodations) and dining times with you. They consult with you to find out what works best for your schedule. There are no hard and fast rules about where and when you must eat. The hotel offers a laid-back, relaxing environment, which enables guests to truly feel ‘at home’.

Travel To The Oyster Bay Hotel, Tanzania

The Oyster Bay Hotel provides every luxury needed to enjoy time spent with them. Your stay includes accommodations, transfers to and from the port or hotel, meals and drinks. Regardless of how long or how short your stay will be; you certainly won’t forget your time at The Oyster Bay Hotel in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Guest who enjoy their time at The Oyster Bay Hotel often want to extend the level of hospitality they have experienced and will often book at their sister property Beho Beho in the Selous Game Reserve. The lodge is intended to provide the same level of luxury while away on safari that guests have experienced while they were in the city.

If your travels bring you to Dar es Salaam and beyond, make sure you arrange to stay at The Oyster Bay Hotel and Beho Beho to experience firsthand what luxury in East Africa has to offer.

Dawn Wilson Travel Writer/Luxury Boutique Hotel SpecialistDawn Wilson

Travel Writer/Luxury Boutique Hotel Specialist

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