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Bordered by France, Austria, Germany, Italy and Liechtenstein, Switzerland is the ultimate definition of natural beauty and breathtaking wonderment. Though its centralized location may tempt you to pass it through it, the force which attracts you to Switzerland comes from the majestic lakes, snow-capped mountains and village towns overflowing with culture.

Adventure Abounds

The country’s true essence lies in its mountainous regions, its diversity and its natural beauty. All these characteristics add up to an exclusive identity.  From attention-grabbing palm trees to the mesmerizing glaciers, Switzerland has it all.

More than half the country is covered by mountains, and another quarter is occupied by dense forests. The natural backdrop of Switzerland is overwhelming. Not surprisingly, it lures people wanting to experience the exclusive untouched outdoors. Alpine winters offer you activities like skiing, snowboarding and tubing down the mountains. Whereas summers give you a chance to enjoy rafting and experiencing the adventures of tubing down a wild river.


Natural Beauty

One of the greatest tourist attractions in Switzerland is Swiss National Park. The park is huge. In fact, it covers almost of half of the country. No place can you get a finer view of The Alps. The park hosts diverse wildlife like marmots, elks and eagles. It also contains rivers winding through thick forests, deep vales, and towering mountains. (Image Credit: Unsplash/Samuel Ferrara)

Another prominent attraction for tourists is Zermatt. Situated at the base of the famous peaks of Swiss Alps, it is one of the greatest climbing and skiing centers of the world. Nestled in a subterranean vale, enclosed between stridently scarped mountains, Zermatt is dominated by the gigantic and elegantly arched pyramid of Matterhorn.  Matterhorn, included among famous mountains of the world, itself is another symbol of natural beauty and a major tourist attraction.

Yet another scintillating destination in Switzerland is Lake Geneva. The lake is jointly owned by Switzerland and France. Lake Geneva is scenic beauty at its finest. Yachting is a prominent activity at the lake. But one of the most mesmerizing qualities of the lake is that when viewed from the top, it looks like a crescent moon.


Adventurous Activities

Don’t overlook the engaging city of Interlaken. Offering countless recreational activities, a busy vacation could include everything from hiking and skiing to adventure sports like bungee jumping, paragliding and even river rafting. With such amazing scenery surrounding the region, one cannot afford to miss it. (Image Credit: Unsplash/Marek Slomkowski)

Zurich is also a must-see destination. The two-thousand year old town is amazingly rich in history. In addition, the city boasts countless international boutiques, trendy cafes and a lot more.  Some other exclusive and dazzling attractions in Switzerland include Aletsch Glacier, The Rhine Falls and The Chillon Castle.

Indeed, the exclusive beauty of Switzerland is a treat to the senses. It offers you what many places can’t. The sheer multitude of wonders this county offers is amazing! Witness beauty; witness Switzerland.

Jacqueline Maddison
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