Travel Tips For Visiting Tulum, Mexico

Tips for visiting Tulum Mexico
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Mexico has had some headlines in the past years, mostly revolving around border town troubles, like drug trafficking, gang violence, and illegal immigration. The media coverage of these events has unfortunately created a lot of misperceptions about what Mexico is really like. In fact, aside from the types of high-profile crimes that always make the news, most of Mexico from north to south enjoys a lower crime rate than most U.S. cities. (Image Credt: Walkerssk/Pixabay)

The truth is that Mexico is a wonderful, safe, and exciting place to experience. Its residents are friendly and hospitable, the food tremendous, and the atmosphere, especially amongst its coastal areas, a tropical dream.

Tulum, Mexico, is a historical archaeological site, located in Mexico’s southeastern Yucatan peninsula. Once home to a prosperous Mayan society, today Tulum is a thriving tourist hub with gorgeous Caribbean beaches and no shortage of great family activities. Well established and highly popular, Tulum is a safe and excellent choice for your next family beach vacation.

Things to do in Tulum

There is no shortage of attractions in Tulum. The area features activities for everyone, from the thrill-seeker to the family with small kids. Here are some of the most popular things to do in the area:

Tulum ruins – First constructed around 1200 A.D., Tulum’s epic temple ruin and surrounding village hosted the longest continual residence of the ancient Maya. Today, the ruins serve as an archeological site and museum, drawing thousands of visitors from across the world.

Eco-parks – These unique nature and amusement parks center on tourist education and public awareness of the area’s fragile natural flora, fauna, and geology. Eco-parks, like Xcaret and LabnaHa, are very popular in the Yucatan and offer a broad range of entertainment, such as swimming, ziplining, Mayan ball games, and traditional horse shows.

Beaches – Tulum’s beaches are everything you’d expect from the Caribbean; white sand, warm water, and a ton of entertainment. Water sports abound as well, with several outfits offering kayaking, boat tours, paddle boarding, fishing tours, and more.

Cenotes – No trip to the Yucatan would be complete without a swim in one of these natural wonders. Cenotes are sinkholes formed by the limestone base that underlies much of the area, creating a natural underground river.

Snorkeling and diving – The Yucatan boasts some of the planet’s most amazing snorkeling and diving zones, thanks to an enormous stretch of coral reef that encompasses most of the area’s coastline. If you aren’t versed in the art of the dive, there are plenty of PADI-certified outfits in the immediate vicinity that offer a one-day training session to get you out in the reef.

Luxury villas

Tulum luxury vacation rentals are the absolute best way to get the most out of your beach vacation. A variety of upscale luxury home rentals are available along the beachfront, in a number of floor plans that accommodate four to fourteen guests. All villas include private pools, jacuzzi spas, covered patios and cabanas, resort landscaping, and breathtaking ocean and jungle views.

These unique and lavishly furnished villas combine the best benefits of resort living with the privacy of a personal home, providing the perfect space for special occasions, weddings, reunions, or any personal entertaining. When planning your beach getaway, consider luxury villas in Tulum.

Tips for visiting 

Tulum is remarkably safe. Tourism is one of the biggest industries in Mexico, and it is carefully safeguarded. Remember to use common sense and the standard safety practices that you would use anywhere in the world, including the U.S. Don’t travel through dark or unpatrolled areas at night or engage in any risky activity. When out sightseeing, remember to lock your villa and car behind you. Use the same caution you would use anywhere, and feel free to enjoy the beauty and wonder that Mexico has to offer.

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