Top Wellness Trends for the New Year

Top Wellness Trends for the New Year #health #wellness #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills
Top Wellness Trends for the New Year #health #wellness #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills

The new decade is finally here, and with the start of a new year comes New Years’ Resolutions. While self-care has been a rising trend in the past few years, 2020 is sure to be the year of self-care and wellness. Plenty of people will be using their New Years’ resolutions to kick start their year of improving health and wellness, so be on the lookout for these popular trends starting in January.

HILIT Workouts

Exercise is clearly an integral part of any wellness plan. However, many workouts have the tendency to do more harm than good, especially for people recovering from injuries or joint issues. Approximately 31 million injuries that require medical attention occur every year in the United States. So what’s a fitness fan to do after an injury? Similar to the popular trend of HIIT workouts, HILIT stands for “high intensity, low impact training.” Workouts like rowing are going to be on the rise in 2020 because they’re able to provide the same intense cardio you’re looking for while still being easier on joints or injured body parts.

Plant-Forward Diets

Dieting is tricky, especially if you’re going at it alone like 80% of dieters. Restricting and limiting some of the most tempting food groups leads many to give up on their diet completely. Instead, many are transitioning to a plant-focused, health-conscious diet. This isn’t quite the same as going fully vegetarian or vegan. Instead, it’s simply an effort to cut down on the amount of meat someone consumes on a regular basis. There are countless studies that show the impact of certain types of meat on your overall health. Plant-focused diets also come with the added bonus of being good for the environment, since the meat industry is notoriously harmful to ecosystems.

Complementary Medicine

No number of wellness routines are going to be a substitute for modern medicine, of course. That being said, many people struggle with accessing medical care due to cost. According to the CDC, nearly 30.1 million people under age 65 are uninsured. Complementary medicine could potentially help people fill in the gaps between routine medical appointments or treatments. Complementary medicine is often referred to as alternative medicine and can include everything from herbal supplements to acupuncture to facials. Most aestheticians agree that you should get a professional facial once per month.

Just because it’s often seen as “alternative” medicine doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. Certain treatments, like acupuncture, have been shown to help alleviate symptoms of many health issues, including relief from and prevention of migraines. As many as 90% of the people that experience migraines have a family member that also has the same condition. If you know you have a family member who regularly experiences migraines, you may want to schedule an appointment so you can avoid experiencing them yourself.

Mindfulness And Meditation

In 2020, more people than ever will be aware of the impact of mental health and emotional wellbeing. Psychologists have shown that your emotional health and psychological state can greatly impact your overall physical health. While meditation has been a popular wellness routine in 2019, 2020 will likely see more variations that take mindfulness to a new level. Once the weather warms up enough, plenty of people will likely take their meditation sessions outdoors for added health benefits. After all, the air quality in a closed space can be up to 500% worse than outdoors.

Mindfulness on your own is definitely worthwhile, but seeking professional help is also a great step. In 2020, therapy is going to be on more peoples’ radars than ever before, even for those who don’t go to therapy regularly. The occasional visit with a psychologist can have massive benefits for emotional health and stress management.

Wellness and self-care are excellent goals to strive for in 2020, and many major trends will promote health across the board. What self-care trends are you looking forward to for 2020? How are you planning on changing up your routine for the new decade?

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