Top Superyacht Vacation Destinations Worldwide

Top #Superyacht Vacation Destinations Worldwide #luxury #yachting #life #yachts #yachtcharter #yacht #luxury #life #yachtlife #yachtclub #travel #lifestyle #vacation #beverlyhills #BevHillsMag
Top #Superyacht Vacation Destinations Worldwide #luxury #yachting #life #yachts #yachtcharter #yacht #luxury #life #yachtlife #yachtclub #travel #lifestyle #vacation #beverlyhills #BevHillsMag

There are hundreds of beautiful places to visit around the world. After considering numerous factors we have narrowed it down to 10 of the best vacation destinations to visit.

Sicily, Italy

 Famous for its secluded beaches, anchorages, and surrounding quiet fishing villages, Sicily is one of the top destinations in the Mediterranean. Discover the crystal-clear waters and the breathtaking landscapes of the Aeolian Islands 35 miles north of Sicily. The cuisine in Sicily is among some of the best, given that fishing is a huge industry in this seaside town. The port of Palermo is one of the best destinations with stunning architecture, art galleries, opera houses, and museums.

The Bahamas

 The Caribbean is one of the top tourist vacation destinations in the world. The Bahamas offer great ocean landscapes with warm waters and beautiful beaches, enjoyable from luxurious resorts. Explore the lively island life; from discovery special bays and beaches to snorkel and scuba dive, the Bahamas has it all.

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 Known as the ‘The Land of Smiles’, Thailand offers a landscape full of sandy beaches, tall palm trees, deep blue waters, and mountain ranges, rendering it impossible to be unhappy here. Indulge in island hopping and walking barefoot on soft, sandy beaches. Dive, snorkel, and swim in some of the warmest waters. Escape from the bustle of the world and explore the hidden coves and bays.

Top #Superyacht Vacation Destinations Worldwide #luxury #yachting #life #yachts #yachtcharter #yacht #luxury #life #yachtlife #yachtclub #travel #lifestyle #vacation #beverlyhills #BevHillsMag

British Virgin Islands

 The British Virgin Islands offer crystal-clear waters, beautiful rock formations, perfect beaches, exciting onshore activities, and a wide selection of dining options among numerous gorgeous islands. The island of Anegada offers powdery white sand beaches with breathtaking views and colonies of pink flamingos. The Marina Cay is a great spot featuring a sheltered lagoon and warm waters.


 This island nestled in the South Pacific is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It is a picturesque island inhabited by the friendliest locals. Fiji features an abundance of new luxury resorts to choose from and a plethora of attractions to enjoy!

French West Indies

 The French West Indies offers beautiful and luxurious islands to visit – Martinique, Guadeloupe, Dominica, and the Isle de Saints. These islands are a water-lovers dream; experience the warm blue waters, explore hidden coves and inlets. Similar to the other Caribbean islands, the French West Indies also provides faultless long beaches with soft powdery sand, luxurious hotels, and lush rainforests to awaiting discovery.

French Riviera

 Another coastal region along the Mediterranean made the list and deservedly so. Experience sun all year round in this region with stunning scenery to match. This luxury vacation destination is a perfect blend of rugged landscapes and cosmopolitan resorts. The infamous and luxurious cities of Cannes, Monaco, and Nice await you, each offering unique experiences. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife or the relaxed beach atmosphere.

Top #Superyacht Vacation Destinations Worldwide #luxury #yachting #life #yachts #yachtcharter #yacht #luxury #life #yachtlife #yachtclub #travel #lifestyle #vacation #beverlyhills #BevHillsMag  Croatia

 This hidden gem in the Mediterranean region is famous for its 1,000 plus islands. It is often spoken of as a paradise destination. With ancient villages scattered along the country’s shoreline, pristine beaches along the Kornati archipelago, it’s impossible not to enjoy the sea and the stunning views. Head over and explore the country’s historical cities including Split, Dubrovnik, and Hvar. Friendly locals, thriving nightlife, and secluded beaches await.


 A top destination for the rich and famous, Monaco offers an unparalleled luxury holiday. Experience the most lavish lifestyle while discovering the islands, the port, and the casino. The principality has world-class infrastructures, from hotels to restaurants and entertainment. Additionally, Monaco is one of the safest countries as security is a top priority for the government and the locals.

Balearic Islands

 Fair weather, warm waters, abundant aquatic life, and top-class accommodations can all be found in the Balearic Islands. This Mediterranean destination may not be as glitzy as its neighbour, but it is unlike any other. If relaxing and exploring is what you are yearning for, this is a destination you should not miss. For the experience of a lifetime, contact 212 Yachts.

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