Top Reasons SUVs Are Great Cars For Women

Top Reasons SUVs Are Great Cars For Women
Top Reasons SUVs Are Great Cars For Women

Who says pickups are just for men? With pickups and SUVs making up almost 15% of car sales in the last year, you can guarantee that there were some women behind the wheel too. It seems more women are buying SUVs and pickups than ever before, and there are many good reasons why to be found. Looking for a reason to make the jump into these cars? You might find what you’re looking for here.


There’s no denying that an SUV isn’t a stylish car. Why should you stand back and admire something if you can have it for yourself? If you’re looking for a sleek, stylish and cool car, then the SUV is a car for you – and you wouldn’t be alone in your thinking. The size and shape of SUVs have become less intimidating to women, making them much more appealing when it comes to your car-buying decision.

The Ford F-series of pickups has been one of the most popular selling cars in recent decades, largely due to the number of women wanting to get behind the wheel. Ford has taken note of the number of women investing in trucks and SUVs, turning their marketing strategies towards women. As a result, cars are being designed that focus on the comfort, practicality and most importantly, looks. If you’ve ever considered investing in an SUV, now’s as good a time as any.


The huge selling point of SUVs is that they are practical, and a practical car has many benefits for women. They are spacious, which is ideal for a more comfortable ride. You’ll also be glad to know that SUVs and pickups are easier to get into than ever before, giving you more freedom with your choice of driving shoe. SUVs have plenty of storage for grocery shopping, the school run and weekend getaways, ideal for all of your everyday needs. They are a more attractive alternative to the mainstream minivan, and SUVs offer many of the same benefits without the ‘soccer-mom’ stigma that comes with them.


Safety should be one of your top considerations when choosing a car. Good lighting, assisted steering and an excellent safety record should all be important features when you buy your next car. Trucks and SUV manufacturers are really beginning to improve their safety features, which is great news if you’re concerned about what you might have heard about them in the past. You’ll also be able to find a good truck accident lawyer who has experience and training in personal injury should you ever need one. Whether you’re a mother or a single woman, knowing you’re driving around in a safe vehicle is a huge comfort when you’re out on the road.


An SUV makes a powerful statement. If you’re a strong, independent woman – why not express it through your car? Whatever role you play, an SUV can help you deliver. Whether you have a love of the outdoors, are a parent or love a sense of adventure an SUV does the job. No longer seen as just a toy for the boys, girls can also get in on the action and drive a car that helps you feel powerful and independent. They say that women are driving the increase in SUV sales and part of the reason is because of what they represent. As women become more capable and confident in making decisions, buying a car is no longer something to be intimidated by. Shopping for a car yourself offers a great thrill and sense of achievement. You’ll make a far better choice for you than if you were to have your dad or partner leading the conversations in the showroom. You should choose a car that speaks to you to make sure you get what you really want.

Buying a car isn’t a decision to be rushed into, and now that an SUV is on your mind – there’ll be even more to factor in as you decide which vehicle is right for you. An SUV isn’t for everyone, and you might even find that other cool cars for women are more up your street. For those looking to impress and try something new, however, an SUV could be just what you need as a good all-rounder that has it all when it comes to style and features. Take one for a test drive and see how you feel – you’ll never know if it’s the right one for you until you sit behind the wheel.

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