Top Gardening Hacks For Beginners

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Gardening is one hobby that needs hard work galore. Yes, while having a green thumb might seem so interesting from outside, someone having the same needs to work really hard to build a garden that truly satisfies the self.

Take a look at a few gardening-related tips that will help you learn some effective techniques. These tips are more than just those that help in growing pasture grass seed. These will finally let you get hands on the perfect garden that you always dreamt of. Some might be related to the soil and some to the flowers involved. 

Pot It Up

You can simply begin with planting seasonal flowers or plants in pots or planters. You can take same sized pots so that you can nest them when empty. Put plants in some doubled pots. Bury these at the ground level. If and when you want some change, loft out the top pot and then add a new one. This is a slick methods for changing seasonal plants. Over winter season. The method also lets you experiment in terms of plant or flower placement and colors. Your garden could get more colorful using such a potting technique. 

Save Some Soil

Take some deep planters and fill their bottoms with some old cans. Add some plant pots too. These pots and cans help improve the drainage while creating air pockets. The latter aid in aeration as well as healthier soil.

Lawn Edging

Lay down 2 by 6 for edging the garden, lawn or flower bed. While you hold down this board using your foot, you can drive a flat spade along the board’s edge. Next, you need to move this board as per need to create a clean and straight line.

Build A Micro Greenhouse

In case you have a tough time with cuttings or starting with seeds, try using a soda bottle greenhouse for plants. You can cut the soda bottle from the bottom and remove all labels. Once the seeds you plant inside germinate and rooting of the cuttings occur, remove these greenhouses.

Fertilize The Dense Plants

Aim fertilizing the bushes and all dense plants at the base. You can use a small PVC pipe of around two inches. Slide an end to the base of the plant to pour fertilizer in the pipe. You can make an angular cut at the top of the pipe for allowing easy pouring in of the fertilizer.

Space Plants Well

Plant veggies and other plants in a block formation. This formation helps you to space plants and seeds evenly. You need to keep space as much as the size of a muffin tin.

Root The Cuttings Naturally

Snip the root cuttings in time after you feed a natural antiseptic such as honey. You can also use cinnamon powder before adding honey.

Keep Seeds Sorted

Store unplanted seeds in a cool dry place. Make sure you label the seeds with their names and the sow-by dates. 

Summing Up

Once you start following these gardening hacks, things get easier and you begin to enjoy the process. Keep reading up on more such tips to understand how best to begin and maintain a garden.

Finally, if you are exclusively interested in a flower garden then you must begin in spring. Check up on perennials first and then select more seasonals. Place flower seeds in a way that there are no obstructions. 

The sunlight too must be equally available for all plants. Mulch the soil to keep moisture content balanced. When you start with flower gardening, you can start with flowers that are local instead of attempting to grow something exotic.

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