Top Elements of a Luxury Design Scheme

Top Elements of a Luxury Design Scheme
Top Elements of a Luxury Design Scheme

Your home is your go-to place for relaxation and restoration. It’s the place where you nurture your family, and where you go to seek security and comfort, and so it’s important to have your home echo your passions and luxury lifestyle.

With attention to the finer detail in your decorating scheme, you house is transformed into a home, and you can create a space to provide a luxurious backdrop to your life. Here are three elements of interior design that promote a sense of luxury

Before you think about how to add a touch of luxury to your home, you need to think about what makes a home feel luxurious: space. You won’t achieve a sense of space if you have too many objects that interrupt your eye as you scan a room. Countertops should remain clear and clutter free. Other than accessories that are there to add interest to a room with an injection of color, everything else should have a place to be stored.

You may want to invest in built-in bespoke furniture to provide storage that maximizes your storage capabilities. If you do this, be sure to have a standout piece of freestanding furniture to add a sense of proportion to the room. You don’t want your house to feel empty, but a lived-in home. Having built-in appliances in the kitchen is a great way to mask the practical function of the room, and allow it to be a room more open for entertainment.

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Top Elements of a Luxury Design SchemeBright

Luxurious homes feel bright. They don’t sap your energy, but replenish it. Use paint colors that reflect not only the natural sunlight, but your personality too. Stronger colors need to be used with care, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t use them – they can really add an element of opulence. With a neutral palette or stronger tones, both require thoughtful lighting that adds another dimension to your decorating scheme.

Your lighting needs to be practical for tasks, but have dimmable wall and ceiling lights to add and control ambience. Use wall lights to focus attention to accent pieces of furniture or artworks, and invest in indulgent and distinctive lighting features such as those crafted by Visual Comfort to really complete the room.

Top Elements of a Luxury Design SchemeTextures

Using different textures in your home adds a real sense of luxury. The fabrics that you choose can set the tone for the room; think velvet pillows on your couch, and silk drapes for your windows. Deep and bold colors can be mixed with more neutral colors to add further dimension. You don’t have to be restricted to one fabric texture – by adding a variety of textures in the same complementing or contrasting color, you’ll add a real sense of luxury.

Interior design texture is not only restricted to the textiles that you have in your home. Adding architectural moldings (baseboard, chair rail or ceiling) to your home can transform a room by creating further interest. The moldings you choose should be appropriate for the age of your house if you don’t want to border on the pretentious side of interior design.

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