Top Benefits of a Virtual Office in Auckland

Top Benefits of a Virtual Office in Auckland
Top Benefits of a Virtual Office in Auckland

As technology advances and changes, we need to catch up and stay current. For the most part, it makes our lives easier and more convenient. One of the current ways to run an office more efficiently is by using a virtual office.

When looking for a Virtual Office in Auckland, Servcorp have some great deals and plenty of locations, to help you get started. With a prestigious location in the heart of the business district, you can ensure your business comes across as professional and gives the best first impression possible to your clients. Virtual offices are the perfect, low-cost solution for businesses in Auckland.

To learn more about the advantages of using a virtual office in Auckland, continue reading below.

Cost Effective

With a virtual office solution, there are many different ways that you can save your business money. For a start, you’re don’t have to pay for a traditional office space. With a virtual office, you still get a business address in a prime Auckland location but without the hefty price tag. You’ll also have a dedicated local phone number for your business needs to give your company a professional image.

Choosing to go virtual can save you a lot of money on staffing. You don’t need to worry about the hassle of staffing your office, plus you don’t need to worry about sick time, vacation and other issues that can come up. Plus, it means you always have someone there to answer the phone, get your messages, handle emails and help with any other tasks you might need to be done.

Saving time and money on your commute every day can change your life. Instead of having to face into wasted time on the drive into the Auckland CBD or taking the commuter train to Britomart, you can check in and get all your messages or anything else you need right from your own home or office space where you actually conduct your business.

Boosts Business  

A virtual office is a great way to boost and grow your business. The address you receive can make your business seems bigger, and perhaps more important and professional than it truly is. This can be very impressive to potential clients. And, because your virtual address is located at a prestigious city centre address, you get that sought-after address without the cost of the downtown office with the high rent, excessive parking fees and the long commute for you and your staff every day.

Having access to actual space for meetings, boardroom conferences on an as-needed basis allows you to meet with clients in confidence. You can also conduct client meetings via video conferencing which actually makes you more accessible. This could greatly improve productivity. With these additional facilities, you can impress your clients and boost your business while the office provider gives you access to all the things you need for your meeting from Wifi to video conferencing facilities and even refreshments


This is important for those whose business is conducted remotely. A virtual office has a dedicated receptionist to answer your calls if you are busy and you can then have the calls forwarded to your personal number or another number of your choice such as an employee or a business partner. This type of office keeps you free to get your business taken care of and takes the worry out of missing calls of other important messages or clients.

Is It For Everyone?

Anyone can benefit from using the virtual office, in particular, if it is just you, or a small staff, a startup, or a new business. A virtual setup gives you all the benefits of a traditional office setup but without having to sign any long-term leases or pay high rents in a sought-after address in the centre of the Auckland CBD.

A virtual office is just that, virtual. It’s a clever and cost-efficient way to run your business, if you are just starting out, or trying to cut costs, this can be just solution for your business to grow, expand and succeed in New Zealand.

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