Top 3 Places to Visit in Australia

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Australia is famous for its sunshine and miles of beaches, as well as the unique wildlife to be seen. Many travelers dream of visiting this country. However, the country may have more to offer than you initially expect, and it can be hard to pick exactly what you want to see when you’re there. Knowing more about some of the top destinations in Australia can help you better plan your itinerary.

Preparing for Your Trip

Before you can decide what you want to see, you’ll need to figure out when you will go and how long you will spend in Australia. Of course, longer trips allow you to see and do more, but they are also more expensive. Look at your finances to see how much you can afford to spend and consider taking out a personal loan if your money won’t stretch enough. You can compare rates in an online marketplace that combines all the top vendors in one location so it’s easier for you to shop around.


Melbourne is a popular place among both Australians and travelers. It’s Victoria’s capital, so it is colder than many of the places in the country. It’s also further to the south. Still, even though it is not that sunny or warm, there is plenty of culture, entertainment, and architecture to take in. The cuisine is also unique, making it a must-stop for food travelers. There are many restaurants and cafes, so you can enjoy some high-quality coffee or a special local meal. There is an art gallery and a museum, and if you want to get a taste of the local culture, consider visiting Queen Victoria Markets. If you want to soak in the entire city, you can research useful vacation tips and visit the Eureka Skydeck and get some unique pictures to take home with you.


This is the capital of Australia, and it sits between Victoria and New South Wales. Because it is the capital, there are plenty of galleries and museums with lots to see in each. You could go to the National Gallery of Australia or the National Museum of Australia. If you are interested in culture or arts, Canberra is an excellent location to add to your list. For those interested in science or who are traveling with children, consider going to the National Dinosaur Museum. If politics or history interest you, try to get onto a tour of the Parliament House, where you can view the architecture and enjoy some insight into the area’s history.


You may have heard of Brisbane because of how popular it is with the locals, but it is also popular with people coming from abroad. Part of its popularity stems from its charm, with a friendly atmosphere, boutique shopping, and restaurants. While it is not as bustling as some of the larger cities, it is also not sleepy because there is plenty to do. If you are a fan of handmade items, you can go during the Collective Markets of South Bank, where you can shop for artisan items by local artists.

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