Tips To Find The Perfect Wedding Shoes

Tips to Find that Perfect Pair of Bridal Shoes #wedding shoes
Tips to Find that Perfect Pair of Bridal Shoes #wedding

Australia is an excellent place to get married because of its fine weather, hotel costs, and beautiful climates. In the recently released 2020 Destination Wedding Index, Australia bagged three out of the five top positions. These are Brisbane, Perth, and Sydney. It is not a surprise to hear brides-to-be consider Australia on top of their options for a destination wedding. (Image Credit Pexels/Ihsan Aditya)

While a wedding location is essential towards achieving the best day of every woman’s life, other factors should also be given ample attention. Getting your wedding outfit together is both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. It’s not a surprise, though. After all, your wedding day is the real chance you’ve been waiting for where you can play the princess to your heart’s content.

However, achieving the look you’ve been dreaming of for the longest time may not be as easy as it may seem. Even if you have the perfect wedding dress and the most stunning pair of flat wedding shoes, you might be surprised that the combination does not always work. Here are tips that will ensure you find the best pair of wedding shoes to match your wedding dress perfectly.

Your wedding shoes should match with your theme

Weddings are not always the same. Matching your wedding dress and your bridal shoes doesn’t stop there. These should also match your theme. For instance, a striking pair of stilettos won’t go well with a laid-back garden wedding. Or strappy flat wedding shoes don’t make it suitable for a dazzling and glamorous wedding banquet. Always consider the theme of your wedding before you narrow down your bridal shoe hunting. Formal weddings call for formal shoes. Think practically.

Your bridal dress should match your bridal shoe

Matching your bridal gown and wedding shoes doesn’t necessarily mean both should have the same style. Surprisingly, this can be the opposite. For example, if your bridal gown is effortless and plain but still suggests elegance, a fancier pair of wedding shoes is a great way to add spar and colour to pop up your look. Conversely, wedding gowns full of embellishments and tiny details work well with a sleek pair.

It is not wrong to have both your dress and shoes glitzy at the same time. Just make sure you coordinate them carefully. Sequined dresses adorned with jewels best match with crystal or rhinestone shoes. Pearled wedding dresses are suitable for beaded shoes.

Match the fabric

You need to consider the shoe fabric and how it pairs with your wedding dress’ cloth. Wedding dresses from shiny materials look stunning with a pair of satin bridal shoes. Matte-sheen gowns look great when complemented with crepe shoes. Also, some elements go perfectly together. For instance, a pair of lace shoes and a stunning lace wedding dress screams glamour and class.

Match the colour

There is also no reason why you can’t go out of the box and be playful with your color choices. Perhaps you can make your bridal shoes your “something blue.” You can even try matching your pair with your groom’s boutonnieres or bridesmaid’s dresses.

Don’t forget comfort

Your wedding day is your big day. The last thing you want to happen is to find yourself so stressed and tired after the day’s event because you didn’t rock a comfortable pair of bridal shoes.

Preparing for a wedding is very daunting. Bridal shoes, although very tiny details in wedding preparation, should still be given the proper attention it needs.


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