Tips To A Successful Business Trade Show

Tips To A Successful Business Trade Show
Tips To A Successful Business Trade Show

Many business marketing executives think they are too good for trade shows. They think they are too clever, imaginative, creative and ingenious to attend these because they know what every marketing strategy stands for. But this attitude is going to cost these marketers dearly because trade shows are still one of the best tools to get your business off the ground.

Think about it; everyone that is relevant in your industry is going to be at a trade show. That means you have a chance to get to them and impress them, so take the shot. After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Trade shows are a great way of overcoming the challenges of B2B marketing; it is just a matter of having a better strategy than your competition.  Here’s are some creative ideas to improve your strategy.

Your Booth Is Your Castle

Yeah, having a booth will add to your cost, but it will add to your revenue more if you get it right. Think of this as your castle and think of yourself as the architect; the more you can do to make your castle impressive the better. Think technology, think seating areas, think banners, sign written cars, vending machines, iPads, and chandeliers. If it can catch a person’s eye then it deserves to be considered, so use your imagination and think outside the box. There are going to be a lot of booths, yours just has to better; it has to be the jewel in the crown.

There Is Only One Hotel

If the trade show you are attending has partnered up with an associate hotel then you need to do all you can to stay at that hotel. Yup, it is going to see you reach into your pockets a little more, but the opportunities that will pop up from your stay here will be priceless. The reason most people stay at associate hotels is because of the convenience. The reason you should stay at this hotel is because those you want to be doing business with will be there. They will be in the restaurant having dinner and in the bar enjoying cocktails. So make use of this chink in their armor and swoop in.

Load Up On Cards

Business cards still have a place in modern day business, so make sure you have a bold and professional card and make sure you always have enough on you. The thing with trade shows is potential business leads are everywhere. They are at the show, in the bathroom, at the food vendors, in elevators, and in the lobby; they are everywhere. So make sure you are ready because, well, the last thing you want to have is a chance encounter with a big player and not have a card when they ask for one.

Avoid Rush Hour

Here’s a little inside trick for first-timers; don’t hit a booth when it is jam-packed with people. Why? Well, you probably won’t get to see the person that you want to see. They’ll be tied up with other people. So move on and come back later. To help you nail this strategy we suggest you attack the booth you want to attack on the second day of business. The first day is always ferociously busy and the third day runs the risk of them having left early; so go with day two.

Jacqueline Maddison
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