Tips For Remodeling Your Country Home

Tips For Remodeling Your Country Home #remodelling #country homes

We all know that country homes were designed to be a luxurious escape from the bustling city life. A lot of people who own country homes spend a fair amount of time in them, which means that it should be relaxing and well-modeled for maximum convenience. To help you start from somewhere, here are a few tips that should guide you through remodeling your country home. (Image Credit: Aubrey Rose Odom/Unsplash)

Routine Inspection

Even though routine maintenance isn’t part of a modeling plan, it’s essential in keeping your country home as sturdy and safe as possible. Since country homes don’t get that much attention except for a season or two every year, things are left there for big durations without use or checkups. As mentioned by the experts of,dealing with small problems yourself is one thing, but major problems may require the assistance of professionals, especially in plumbing problems. You don’t want to come back to your country home, the place where you’re supposed to relax, to deal with piping and drainage issues that were left to escalate over time. It’s recommended to have routine maintenance to ensure avoiding unnecessary problems that can later force you to remodel huge sections in your home.

Increasing Space

When it comes to country homes, space is of vital importance. Since people are used to living in more cramped apartments and houses in cities, they should look forward to breathing and feel relaxed in a more comfortable manner. If you’re going for a big remodel, you can try decreasing the number of non-bedrooms in the house, such as the kitchen, dining room, and the family room. This doesn’t mean that you have to tear down walls to create open spaces; it can be as simple as moving around or throwing out a few pieces of unnecessary furniture that are cramping the house. This will allow your windows and balconies to feel connected to nature outside the house in a synchronous manner.

Replacing Wooden Floors

A lot of people enjoy the authenticity of hardwood floors that come with country homes, but it’s very easy for these floors to deteriorate without you noticing until it’s too late. Fortunately, high-quality hardwood floors can withstand a lot of punishment and renovations, allowing you to refinish and remodel them without needing to worry. If you want a sure-fire way to find hardwood indicators that allow you to determine the right time to renovate them, try looking for any warping, termites, leakage, or general damage on the hardwood floor. Sometimes the damage can be severe enough to require more than retouching, resulting in the need to completely replace the floors.

Repairing Drafty Windows

Since you’re in the countryside, you’ll want to be quite sure that your windows are blocking what you want them to block. The temperatures can quickly get from sunny and warm to extremely cool in colder seasons. The problem is that most old and beautifully designed windows have glass that was made through outdated technology that doesn’t stand up to its modern counterpart. Some experts actually recommend avoiding to replace whole windows and opt to get them repaired by professionals because they can either cost too much to replace or their newer counterpart won’t do the same job.

Focusing on the Outdoor Space

Even if your house in the countryside doesn’t have the most beautiful and large porch, you can still work on it to transform it into a great element of your house. Adding in comfortable patio chairs, cushions, and some lights can help you reinvent your patio or porch completely. Some people who have enough resources and time install a pergola that can accommodate beautiful large curtains; you can situate it right next to the porch to give yourself some extra room in the outdoors.


Since a lot of people don’t spend the majority of time in their country homes, the yards and garden aren’t necessarily in their tip-top shape. Doing the bare minimum to your yard by hiring someone to cut the grass and water the plants once every couple of weeks isn’t really going to help you transform this place into the place you have in mind. After ensuring that your yard is taken care of, either professionally or personally, start by designing a few new changes like adding flower shrubs and small beds in the yard. If you’re using plants that have different heights, start by planting the highest in the back.

Since you’ve already done the hard part and bought a country home, it would be such a waste to let it rot year after year without taking care of it. Some people may also renovate because they’d like to incorporate a few new ideas into their home. Depending on the final image you have in your head, your renovations are going to be quite dependent on your preferences and needs.

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