Tips For House-Hunting in Beverly Hills

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Looking for your perfect luxury property sounds like a joyous task – but in reality, there’s a lot to consider when shelling out that amount of cash. Your new pad in Beverly Hills won’t come cheap, so finding a property that you’ll want to spend years in should be your priority. (Image Credit:

Before you start making contact with real estate agents, we’ve got some tips for you. We’ll list some of the best up-and-coming neighborhoods where you might find a bargain. We’ll even share some tricks that might save you a buck on your dream home.

Broaden Your Range

This isn’t to say that you should give up your goal of living luxuriously in beautiful Beverly Hills. But, there are plenty of amazing nearby neighborhoods that rival the famous city.

Faircrest Heights is located in the west of Los Angeles and is very close to the Hills. For those priced out of homes in the city, house hunting in Faircrest Heights is your next best option. With stunning deco-style properties and a lovely family-friendly town, this location is a great bet for families or those wanting to start one.

Buying property here could bring a big return in investment over the next few years as more people flood to the area. A few years ago, it was even named one of Business Insider’s hottest American up-and-coming neighborhoods.

About to Buy? Get a Survey

Think you’ve found your perfect home already? You may want to think again unless you’ve had the property fully surveyed. This includes the electrics, piping, roof and foundations. There’s nothing worse than families spending millions on a new home to find that it needs a further thousands of dollars in repair work.

So, before you start the sale process, contact a professional surveying company and have the home thoroughly inspected top to bottom. Companies like Alldry in Houston, who also serve a number of other US states and cities, can take care of everything from plumbing inspections, to kitchen refitting, to assessing buildings’ structural integrity. Basically, ensure that your new property is completely structurally sound before signing any contracts – this could save your family a lot of time and money in the long run.

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Go for Gold

If money is no object, some neighborhoods in Beverly Hills are worth exploring more than others. If you want to rub shoulders with A-listers, check out properties for sale in:

  • Beverly Hills Gateway: home of the breath-taking Virginia Robinson Gardens and where the Golden Globes ceremony is held each year.
  • Trousdale: house prices here can reach a cool $8.5million. This exclusive LA neighbourhood sits at the bottom of the Santa Monica Mountains, offering unmatched views.
  • Beverly Hills Flats: this beautiful area is where you’ll find those iconic palm-lined streets that you’ve seen in the movies. Just like other towns in the area, the Flats are home to countless famous residents and house prices stretch into the millions.

If you want to be in the midst of the action and enjoy everything the Hills have to offer, these three locations should be top of your list.

Start from the Ground Up

Can’t afford to buy an existing home? How about buying some land?

Buying a plot and building your own home could be your entryway into becoming a resident of Beverly Hills. Some plots can now reach $1 million; but this is still a sight cheaper than existing properties.

With Joel & Co. Construction estimating that custom homes in LA can cost between $350,000-$1.5 million, you can make a huge saving AND have your home built precisely as you’ve always wanted it.

Happy Hunting!

Whichever route you go down to secure your Beverly Hills dream home, be sure to work with a trusted real estate agent and be clear about what you want from your new home. Have any property fully assessed before buying and have a lawyer oversee the whole process. Good luck finding your LA forever home!

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