Tips for Healthy Teeth

Tips for Healthy Teeth
Tips for Healthy Teeth

If you have problems with your teeth, then you might not smile as often as you used to. After all, if your teeth leave a lot to be desired, then you can find your self-confidence can take a knock. This applies to those especially with gaps in their smile. Missing teeth cause more problems than just looking bad, though. If you want to find out more, read on!

So what options do you have if you have teeth missing?

You could choose to do nothing about the gap. This might be feasible if the space isn’t visible. For example, you might be less fussed about a missing molar than one of your front teeth. Although this may seem like the easiest thing to do it could cause issues in the future. The bone surrounding the tooth will reabsorb over time, and this will make the neighboring teeth look longer as the gum recedes. If you decide you want to fill the gap in the future with a dental implant, you may not have enough bone to support the new tooth. It could get expensive if you need bone grafting to make good your jaw before an implant. The adjacent teeth may also “slide” down into the gap, meaning you could end up having difficulty with your bite alignment.


Dentures these days are regarded as a bit old fashioned, but technology has made them more comfortable. Old fashioned false teeth were cumbersome and could be hazardous. The fact that they can be removed put a lot of people off. You also have to pay close attention when you are eating, so they aren’t always the most convenient of options. Modern dentures can look fantastic, though, so don’t rule them out. They’re also economical, too. A great tip is when you clean dentures, always do it over a sink, filled halfway up with water. One of the biggest causes of damage to dentures are breakages that usually happen when they’re dropped into a basin!


Dental Implants are usually the favored choice, and it’s not difficult to see why. Specialists like  have seen a rise in people seeking to have their smile restored. Dental id all the problems associated with merely neglecting the gap. They’re usually made from titanium and will last a long time. Once it has settled in your jaw, it is as strong as a regular tooth and will last for years. Having the procedure does involve surgery – but it is quick and doesn’t hurt. There may be a small amount of discomfort immediately after the op – but this can be treated easily with over the counter painkillers.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is another alternative to plug the gaps in your grin. The teeth either side of the offending space are filed gently to enable them to be capped. Then, the replacement tooth can be suspended between the two teeth and your smile restored to its former glory. It’s not as cheap as dentures, but is still cheaper than an implant, especially if you have more than one tooth to replace.

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