Tips for Buying Your First Luxury Watch

Tips for Buying Your First Luxury Watch #fashion #style #shop #styles #watches #manwatch #watch #watchesofinstagram #cool #timepiece #styleformen #manstyle #styles #shopping #clothes #clothing #guystuff #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine
Tips for Buying Your First Luxury Watch #fashion #style #shop #styles #watches #manwatch #watch #watchesofinstagram #cool #timepiece #styleformen #manstyle #styles #shopping #clothes #clothing #guystuff #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Have you decided to buy your first ever luxury watch? You need to carry out proper research to avoid buying a useless watch. You do not want to splurge on a timepiece that will stop working after a few months. Here are some tips to follow when looking for your first luxury watch:

Become an Educated Buyer

Buying a luxury watch is much like purchasing a vehicle. Instead of shopping around to find the timepiece that works for you, you should try to learn as much as you can about different manufacturers. A watch does not just tell time, it also says something about your fashion sense.

In fact, watches are status symbols. This means that the watch you choose will say a lot without you having to open your mouth. Once you figure out the watch that you would like to have, you should visit a local watch dealer to look at your options.

Going to a retail setting will make it easier to garner more information while giving you the chance to try on different watches to determine the best fit for your wrist size.

Moreover, visiting a watch retailer in person allows you to establish a personal relationship, making it easier to take your watch back for repairs. While at the watch dealer’s, you should investigate the cost of maintaining a new luxury watch with a double or single winder.

Tips for Buying Your First Luxury Watch #fashion #style #shop #styles #watches #manwatch #watch #watchesofinstagram #cool #timepiece #styleformen #manstyle #styles #shopping #clothes #clothing #guystuff #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine Pick a Budget

You should pick a price point depending on whether you will buy more luxury watches in future. If you want to own a single luxury watch, you should consider splurging on an expensive piece.

However, if you have plans to expand your luxury watch collection down the line, you should start with a low-end luxury watch because your tastes might advance over time.

Once you figure out what you like, you can splurge on an expensive timepiece in the future.

Know Different Watch Styles

When learning about the different types of luxury watches, you should not let yourself be overwhelmed by the information. However, you need to learn as much as you can about luxury watch styles. The best way to familiarize yourself with the latest styles is by browsing magazines and fashion websites.

Just remember that the ideal watch will match your personal tastes and look good on your wrist. Moreover, you need to go with a style that is classic enough to turn heads for years to come.

Work with Reputable Dealers

Once you know what to look for, you should find a reputable dealer. Look at online customer reviews to find out what other people think about that particular watch and make sure that the timepiece comes with a guarantee. At the close of your purchase, you should ask for documents such as warranties and certificates.

If you do not have the time to shop at a physical storefront, you should look for the best online luxury watch store websites. When shopping online, make sure that you go with a dealer who offers refunds or allows customers to exchange their watches within a given period.

Tips for Buying Your First Luxury Watch #fashion #style #shop #styles #watches #manwatch #watch #watchesofinstagram #cool #timepiece #styleformen #manstyle #styles #shopping #clothes #clothing #guystuff #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Learn to Differentiate Between Value and Price

As you get closer to buying a new luxury watch, you need to consider its real value. Price and value are very different aspects but people tend to confuse them. A watch will gain value over time as it becomes personal and meaningful. On the other hand, price refers to the money that you will part with when purchasing a watch.

That being said, spending a fortune on a timepiece does not mean that it will be more valuable to you over time. However, you can still spend a little on a good watch that will one day become very valuable. Instead of looking at the price tag of a watch, you should buy something that possesses the most important qualities to you.

Protect Your Investment

As soon as you buy your luxury watch, you need to think about protecting it. You might have to add it to your homeowner’s insurance or jeweler insurance, depending on its price. Most luxury watches do not need much effort in terms of maintenance.

However, taking good care of your luxury watch is the best way to ensure that it keeps running for a long time. Whenever you are not wearing your watch, you should consider placing it inside a watch winder. Over time, your collection might grow and you will own more than one luxury timepiece.


The above tips will help you choose the right luxury watch for your needs. More importantly, you need to enjoy the shopping process and make sure that you buy a watch that you love. Regardless of the price tag and brand, you will be wearing the watch every day so you should choose one that you enjoy wearing.

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