Building Your Dream Home

Tips For Building Your Dream Home

There are so many benefits to building a dream home from scratch. You get to bring your own dream home vision to life, make all of the design choices and don’t have to worry about uncovering expensive issues like you would in a renovation. Start tearing walls down in an old house and you can discover everything from pests to structural issues to dodgy plumbing and electrics. When you’re working on a project that involves building from the ground up, there’s no worry about these kinds of issues. Plus, building a house can actually work out a whole lot cheaper than renovating and especially compared with buying. Houses that are ‘move in ready’ will have huge premiums added to them, and unless you’re very lucky they’re never going to be exactly what you’re after. That’s not to say that building a house is all plain sailing

A Good Team

This might be dream home your vision, but you need professional and experienced tradespeople to bring it to life. You need to work with people that you trust. Finding out halfway through that you’ve employed cowboy builders and that everything has gone wrong, isn’t going to be good news for anyone! If this is your first ever project, go with a company which has good reviews. If you’ve renovated or completed this kind of work before, go with companies you’ve used previously which have done a good job.

Tips For Building Your Dream Home Suitable Soil/ Ground

The ground itself might not be something you’ve paid much thought too. However building on contaminated land can cause all kinds of issues. If the area has been wasteland for a while or had other kinds of buildings on it, you may need to do a soil test. You could have environmental consulting by SESL completed to check everything is in order before going ahead with the build.

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Tips For Building Your Dream Home

A Contingency Fund

Compared with renovated, building a property can seem pretty straight forward. After all, you can plan and budget everything way ahead of time to have a good idea about what things are likely to cost. However unexpected issues can still come up. So as with any project it’s important to have a contingency fund. If anything does arise, you can cover the costs without building coming to a standstill. Ten to fifteen percent of the total building cost is a sensible contingency to have. Hopefully you won’t need to use it all. In case you do, you will be glad the funds are there and available.Tips For Building Your Dream Home

 The Finishes

Choosing the finishes are one of the most fun parts of a building project. It means it’s almost complete, and allows you to put your own stamp on the place. When you’re ordering anything, whether it’s doors, lighting, tiles, etc, be sure you have enough. If something goes out of stock, you can ruin the overall look of the property.

 Tips For Building Your Dream Home

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