How To Put The Glamour Into Camping

How To Put The Glamour Into Camping
How To Put The Glamour Into Camping

The thing about camping is that it celebrates a person’s want to get back in touch with nature. The need to give credence to that primitive self inside us without any luxuries. It is a direct swap of things we know as convenient with bog standard simplicity. However, that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea; not everyone’s preference.

Some want to have fun in the outdoors without having to embody the experiences of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant. This is where great news pops up and makes you smile because that is totally doable. It is just a matter of knowing how to partake in a luxury road trip and then how to make your camping experience more glamorous. This is called glamping – and that can be done with a few little tweaks.

Your Humble Abode

In order to get the true glamping experience, you have to forego the tent. Yes. Tents are for people that like camping. Whereas bell tents and teepees are for people that want to experience a little more luxury in the form of space. You see, tents are polyester and cramped, and teepees and bell tents are canvas and huge. It gives you the space to have a few more creature comforts in your temporary home. Everything you need for couples adventures without having to suffer too much. There’s space for bean bags, clothes rails, rugs, bedside tables, portable chandeliers, room divider. Just about anything else that spells out pizzazz.

Your Privacy Needs

There is nothing glamorous about having to go about doing your business behind some tree in some wood somewhere. However, there is a way to make it less animalistic and more private. That is with a pop-up privacy tent. This may not be like the bathroom at The Carlton in Cannes, but it will allow you to be private. Whether it is doing your business or going for a shower, and that is an all important distinction between camping and glamping. As such, it is also worth spending a little bit of cash on a portable shower that provides instant hot water.

How To Put The Glamour Into Camping

Your Double Bed

The thing about camping is, you have to sleep in utter discomfort on a floor that is uneven and lined with sticks and nettles and molehills and whatever else. That is where your teepee or bell tent comes in because it grants you the space to have a huge bed, an inflatable bed, a lounger that sleeps two with total ease. That is what you want after a hard day in the wilderness; a large air pocket to collapse into. Of course, you’ll want a nice sleeping bag (or duck down duvet) to go on top of this, maybe a fur throw too, then you’re ready to have a luxury night’s sleep.

Your Dining Experience

The last thing you need to upgrade is your dining experience. We don’t necessarily mean what you eat because smores are smores and one-pot meals can be completely delicious. What we are alluding to is a gorgeous pop-up table to sit at Add some candles, cutlery to use and wine to drink. That is where a good cooler comes in. The difference between camping and glamping is having 2 bottles of warm white wine or 1 bottle of really expensive chilled Champagne. Read also. 

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