This Is the Best Way to Max Your Spotify Plays

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You aren’t the only one that is constantly looking for a better way to have higher play counts on Spotify. Anyone who has a song, playlist, or profile is looking to boost their rankings and build their exposure. The end goal is to get noticed, played, and accumulate royalties. This is a pretty tough goal though when you think about it. Most artists on Spotify that get played on a regular basis have hundreds if not thousands of plays. What do you do if you are stuck at a low number or no plays at all? (Image Credit: Freepik)

You found the right place for a quick introduction on the wild world of Spotify artist digital marketing. When you need to boost your Spotify account and grow your royalties you need a following. You need a following that wants to listen to your music and you need to show Spotify that you are not only worthy of additional exposure but also deserve and demand that additional exposure via recommended listening spots. Find out below how you can start building plays immediately and end those long nights of wondering if anything would ever change.

What Is Organic Growth

Everyone dreams of organic growth. Every star already has it and every influencer makes money based on it. It isn’t that hard of a concept. Organic growth is the basic idea of words, thoughts, products, brands, or movements spread via voluntary public action. This could be in the form of word of mouth, a tweet, share on Instagram, like on Facebook, or any other action that isn’t prompted by the artist alone. Organic growth is the difference between something being good and something being great. It is the difference between something breaking even and being a cash cow. It is the difference between something being ok and something being a viral hit.

Everyone must have organic growth if it is going to be sustainably strong on Spotify. Music tastes change as quickly as cloths choices. So, you need organic growth to stay on top, but you need non-organic growth to show Spotify that you are worthy of being shared to begin with. But what is non-organic growth?

What Is Paid Growth

If organic is something that happens without being prompted, then non-organic growth is something that is proactively prompted to happen. If you think about it from an Influencer standpoint, an Instagram Influencer is paid to promote an item. The promotion may not have happened but for the prompt of being paid or getting some other type of benefit from the arrangement. This is called paid growth or paid digital marketing.

All artists and brands use paid digital marketing to get their image in front of their target audience. Have you ever seen an advertisement on the internet? That is paid digital marketing. You just need to learn how to maximize your dollars to specifically grow your Spotify profile, plays, followers, and shares.

Is Organic or Paid Growth Better?

The better question is related to timing. Both organic and paid growth are necessary and equally important in the artist development process. However, they aren’t both important at the same time. If Nike decided to halt advertising people would still buy their brand. They may even buy at a higher rate. However, if your mom and pop shop down the street decided to stop advertising then they may go out of business. It all depends on what point your business is at in the natural lifecycle of a brand.

When you are just starting out and need more exposure organic growth will never happen unless you go viral or have a one hit wonder. Don’t rely on this and don’t expect it to happen. Instead, you need to have paid growth at first to get your name out there. Once you have become established you will see organic growth building. At that point you can back off the paid marketing as needed and as much as necessary and still be sustainable.

What Type of Spotify Metrics are Most Important?

If you need to focus on your paid digital marketing, then you absolutely need to content with all of the others doing the same thing. The best way to do this is to buy Spotify plays.

When you are looking to build your Spotify profile, you need to be aware of two very important metrics. First, you need to build your song, album, or playlist plays. The Spotify algorithm will never take you seriously if your songs are never played. That makes sense but sometimes it is easily overlooked. Second, you need to grow your followers. Every hit artist or at least every artist Spotify share has a decent number of followers. Followers tell Spotify that this artist is worthy of recognition beyond a song or two. Followers show that the artist as an individual or group if it is a band is worthy of the recognition of recommending to other people.

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