New Style Ideas: Erika Jayne’s Wardrobe Walk-Through

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Few Beverly Hills celebrities have encapsulated the local lifestyle quite like Erika Jayne, and in a recent Vogue article, the superstar gave readers the opportunity to have a look at what makes her wardrobe work. In the interview conducted by Vogue, Erika covered several points but highlighted one crucial influence on her wardrobe – feeling natural. For her, style tips mean wearing what makes you feel good and feels natural. That offers some great pointers for getting that Beverly Hills style whatever your budget may be. (Image Credits: Artem Beliaikin/Pexels)

The natural look

How do you obtain that natural yet stylish feel? The key is in doing your research and sticking to it, and hair is a great way to start here. Look for hairstyles that suit your face shape and give a call back to things you find important. A great example of this is in braids and dreadlocks. Black residents of Beverly Hills and the wider LA area have already had to make adjustments in hair care owing to the circumstances this year has brought, according to the LA Times, but this is giving opportunity for resuming the use of classic hairstyles. Braids in particular are growing in popularity, and are a great-looking option. They can be easy, too, with the growth of the box braid industry, which is helping to give instant style to those looking for new ways to present their hair.

A simpler style

Jayne’s clothes continue with this simple trend in the use of more casual, free-flowing materials, that hail back to the hippie era of California in the 60s. Another source of inspiration, and someone who expresses this better than most, is through Kim Kardashian West and her Oyster dress, which Harper’s Bazaar named as one of the most important of the 21st century. Why? It’s been officially marked by historians for its impact on raising the issue of climate change and how that’s impacting the oceans. For fashion lovers, it ties together something truly grand with a sense of simplicity, and the idea that you can look great wearing something that exudes a relaxed aura.

Freedom of styling

The most crucial point that Jayne goes over is that you should feel free to dress how you like. Her wardrobe walk-through, and items now on sale for charity from that wardrobe, show that. Mixing colors, materials, fits and styles is all in. Taking from different eras is great too. The key is in building something that you really feel comfortable in. Fashion trends don’t direct anyone to dress a certain way these days – even within Beverly Hills. The history of specific fashion trends being followed isn’t something that matters so much now. This means you can confidently wear any piece – no matter how outrageous.

That’s the joy of modern Beverly Hills fashion. Feeling comfortable in the clothes

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