The Top 8 Haircuts For a Fresh Start in 2021

The Top 8 Haircuts For a Fresh Start in 2021 #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills #haircut #hairstylist #haircuttrends #freshstart #styleshorthair #lifestyleappointment
The Top 8 Haircuts For a Fresh Start in 2021 #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills #haircut #hairstylist #haircuttrends #freshstart #styleshorthair #lifestyleappointment

The onset of a global pandemic in 2020 made us realize how much we take the little things for granted, like physically catching up with a friend without having to think of social distancing guidelines, or calling up your hairstylist to book haircuts appointment. (Image Credit: Michelle Maria/Pixabay)

Though many businesses have reopened, the times are still uncertain, especially after spikes in coronavirus cases were seen in cities with relaxed pandemic restrictions.

What were once normal routine lifestyle appointments, like getting your nails done or your hair color touched up, have for many, became distant ‘luxuries.’ The simple act of changing up haircuts can really be a liberating experience in times like these because at least it gives you some semblance of control. At the very least, it could be the most exciting thing you can do for yourself all year given you may be out of a job, you can’t travel and we’ve all had to kiss goodbye to our social lives. Yes, goodbye 2020.

Which is why we are already looking ahead to the haircuts trends we can expect to see in 2021 because let’s be honest, it can’t come around fast enough. With an uncertain future, we’re predicting some of the best haircuts of 2021 will call for little to no maintenance so that you don’t have to stress over frequent visits to your hairstylist because who knows what will happen! Pandemic or not, these are styles that work with your natural hair texture and will continue to look great as they grow out. Get ready to be inspired.

1. The Buzz Cut

Bold. New. Uncomplicated.

It doesn’t get low maintenance than a buzz cut. While it is undoubtedly a dramatic change, it is also a great way to get a fresh start: for yourself and your strands. Plus it’s also a new look as your unique facial bone structure gets to shine.

While these haircuts are low maintenance, you still need to take care of it. Condition your scalp regularly so that your hair grows out nourished and moisturized. You may need to reach for the clippers weekly or bi-weekly to maintain the cut.

2. The Pixie Cut

Fresh. Weightless. Edgy.

Go short without the dramatic change of a shaved head with a pixie cut. This wash-n-go style has plenty of variations, depending on which cut best complements your face. You can go super short like Zoë Kravitz or keep some length at the top like Kristen Stewart.

To maintain this look, use products that add volume and definition. Get a maintenance cut every 4 to 6 weeks, unless you’re growing it out. Don’t think you’re limited to the pixie cut, there’s a plethora of easy ways to style short hair.

3. The Chin-Length Bob

Easy. Breezy. Stylish.

Sometimes the messy topknot has got to go. If you’re not brave enough to shave it all off or go as short as a pixie cut but still want to reduce your length, the chin-length bob is your best bet.

Inspired by the French bob, this cut ends anywhere near the jawline to mid-neck. It works with most face shapes but especially flatters the diamond face shape. Keep it sleek, wear it curly or wavy, or add bangs for some flair.

Pro cutting tip: Get a blunt cut and keep the layers minimal so that your hair keeps on looking great as it gets longer.

4. The Lob

Edgy. Chic. Effortless.

The grown-out version of the chin-length bob, the lob falls anywhere between your clavicle and your shoulders.

This long bob gives you the best of both worlds: short enough to highlight your features yet long enough to put into a ponytail. Plus it’s flattering on all types of hair and face shapes. Add some bangs and choppy layers for a modern, edgy look.

Visit your hairstylist every 6 to 8 weeks for a trim to maintain the aesthetic of the style and avoid flipping of the ends. Use products that won’t weigh the hair down and offer protection from styling damage.

5. The Textured Shag

Casual. Retro. Trendy.

In the ‘70s, the classic shag cut was all straight hair and layers. This updated version lets your natural hair texture shine which gives the look a lived-in feel.

A cut that suits all curl and wave patterns, the textured shag is defined by thick bangs and layers that have been strategically placed. It’s a great way to look cool while growing your hair out. It’s the perfect low-maintenance cut as it manages to look undone yet stylish.

Maintain your haircuts by using products that eliminate frizz and give a decent amount of hold while still keeping your hair soft. A hairdryer with a diffuser attachment is a great way to dry your hair if you don’t have the time to let it air dry.

6. The Curtain Bangs

Soft. Laidback. Fun.

Yet another ‘70’s-inspired look is making a significant comeback. Instead of choppy layers that frame the face—a classic look from the 1970s—this fresh, modern uptake is slightly less feathered and voluminous with loose waves.

Curtain bangs start with a slight middle part with the fringe spreading into a curtain effect across the forehead that gently frames the face. The best thing about these bangs is that they are long enough to pin back or grow out or go shorter if you’d like.

If you’re too scared to take the plunge with bangs, then have no fear – clip-in bangs are here! Play with this fun style without the heavy commitment.

7. The Long Layered Cut

 Modern. Flirty. Feminine.

If you want to change your look with a fresh new cut but don’t want to chop off your long tresses, long layers could be your solution.

Long layers are a low-maintenance style, plus they look really good. For those with thick hair, a layered cut can help reduce weight and add more movement. For those with thin hair, long layers add volume and dimension.

Pair long layers with curtain bangs for a seamless look that highlights the contours of your face while also adding definition. A regular hair glaze treatment will keep your strands healthy and maintain their shine.

Pro cutting tip: Trimming your hair regularly promotes hair growth by getting rid of split ends. Try and get one every 6 to 10 weeks.

8. The One-Length Cut

Versatile. Flattering. Voguish.

Ditch the layers and shattered textures. Get ready for blunt, thick lines, whether they’re grazing your chin or falling past your shoulders.

Considered a style that is practically maintenance-free, the one-length cut is a simple yet striking look. It works for those who don’t want the stress of maintaining layers and keeping them from growing out. Add some texture with Instagram-worthy waves. If you have the length, change up your look with some cool ponytails or braids. 

Pro cutting tip: To keep your ends crisp and blunt, ask your stylist to give you a razor dusting.

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