How To Live Like A Local In Las Vegas

How To Live Like A Local In Las Vegas #lifestyle #lasvegas #sincity #livinginvegas #vegaslife #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag
How To Live Like A Local In Las Vegas #lifestyle #lasvegas #sincity #livinginvegas #vegaslife #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag

How could anyone blame you for moving to Las Vegas? The rent isn’t expensive. Gambling is legal. You’re in close proximity to nature and wildlife—not to mention the wild nightlife. In Vegas, you can choose any lifestyle and live it to your fullest. Whether you’re a businessperson, bar hopper, or desert rat, it’s easy to live stylishly in Sin City. Here’s how! (Images Credit: Shutterstock)

Look Cool, Stay Cool

You always want to look cool in Vegas, but you’ll also want to stay cool. After all, the average high temperature is over 80 degrees for most of the year. Running around the desert in a 3-piece suit is going to make you melt.

Your wardrobe should be full of stylish clothes that are designed for warm weather. Your clothes should be airy and fit loosely over your body. That doesn’t mean you should wear a larger size, just that you should get clothes that have a looser build. Light, loose clothes mean better ventilation, and these clothes aren’t as likely to stick to your body if you get sweaty. Natural fabrics, like cotton, are your friend. Natural fabric absorbs sweat and dries faster than synthetic fabrics.

Remember, though, that Vegas is a desert and gets very cold in the winter—especially at night. Make sure you have winter clothing on hand, even though you might not have to use if for most of the year. Get stylish jackets, scarves, gloves, and thermals for when it gets nippy outside.

Invest in a Good Ride

Who doesn’t dream of cruising down the strip in a luxury car? If you’re only visiting Vegas for the weekend, it’s probably best for you to get a rental car. But if you’re going to be living in Las Vegas, you should invest in a sweet ride to drive all the time.

Las Vegas is truly one of the best places for you to go all-in on a luxury vehicle. The cost of living in Vegas is much cheaper than in nearby California (with the exception of high car insurance premiums). All right, maybe Ferrari’s are out of the question if you’re making a medium-salary job. But why not look for new Audi cars for sale in Las Vegas? Get a luxury car brand that won’t break the bank, or find a dealership that will let you lease a vehicle.

Remember: Las Vegas gets very hot and very cold, which makes public transportation more uncomfortable. Quality transportation is a good investment in a city with such weather extremes.

How To Live Like A Local In Las Vegas #lifestyle #lasvegas #sincity #livinginvegas #vegaslife #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmagLearn the Local Hotspots

Most visitors to Las Vegas want to visit the Strip, which is undoubtedly the most tourist-centric part of the city. It’s safe to say that when most people plan a weekend of partying in Vegas, they’ll stay exclusively on the Strip for most of their visit. And for good reason. With dining, nightlife, and entertainment, there’s a limitless amount of fun to be had here.

But you’re going to be a real local, so it’s time for you to learn about the other great parts of the city that are outside of the Strip. Technically speaking, the Strip isn’t even within (real) Las Vegas city limits.

Located in Downtown Las Vegas, Fremont Street is the second main tourist area, with its own dining, nightlife and shopping (there’s a unique shopping mall that’s composed entirely of shipping containers). Downtown is also home to plenty of museums and the Downtown Arts District. The “Life is Beautiful” music festival is held here annually, and the Las Vegas Raiders are going to play in a brand-new Downtown stadium starting in 2020.

But those aren’t your only entertainment options. The real joy of living in Las Vegas is that you’re right in the middle of a beautiful desert landscape. Vegas is your launching point for any number of great excursions into nature. Don’t be afraid to hit the road and prowl the desert. Red Rock Canyon and Charleston Peak are just to the east of the city. Lake Mead and Hoover Dam are to the west, and just further west is the Grand Canyon. Hiking, camping, and stargazing adventures await.

Truly, though, being a real Las Vegas local means that you’ll know all the great places to eat and all the fun things to do that few tourists know about. The longer you live there, the more you’ll learn about the culture and the community—so get started on your education today!

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