The Perfect Women’s Watch – A Guide

The Perfect Womens Watch - A Guide #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #watchesforwomen #watches #activelifestyle #sportswatches #men'swatches
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You must have seen men’s watches gain all the focus in the watch industry, leaving women’s watches way back. All the new designs, technologies, and marketing tactics are just for men’s watches.

But in modern times, it has been observed that women are giving their attention to watches as accessories, which is why many brands have introduced many new designs and styles. Watches are great as gifts and accessories which elevate your outfit in no time.

The question now is what to look for in watches for women before buying them. Here is the list of the things which you should check out.

1. Size

Watches for men and women have many identical characteristics. However, the case size is one of their main differences. The size of the watch’s case is what makes a watch pleasant to wear for a particular person. As women’s wrists are slightly smaller than men’s, most women’s watches have a lower case, making them more habitable for wearers.

2. Style

When choosing a watch, look and style should also be considered. Women’s watches currently come in a wide variety of styles, as opposed to the past when they were exclusively designed with high-end formal wear in mind. There are different women’s watches available in the market like,

Consider your daily schedule and the occasions you want to carry your watch while choosing its design. Do you want to buy an excellent watch to bring to work? Take into consideration a traditional timepiece with a leather or metal strap. If you are looking for a piece that will be a perfect fit for your athletic lifestyle, then your best option would be a robust sports watch that is simple to read.

3. Case material

Watch’s case element has an impact on both its appearance and its performance. Materials that are generally used for women’s watches are,

  • yellow gold
  • rose gold
  • white gold
  • stainless steel
  • ceramic

Gold can be an excellent case material choice if higher maintenance requirements do not worry you. Nonetheless, you could choose stainless steel or ceramic casing if you lead an active lifestyle or do not expect to be concerned about blemishes. Stainless steel is an excellent choice if you want an extremely sturdy and scratch-resistant watch. Ceramic is a great choice if you yearn for a little extra flair than ordinary stainless steel offers and do not wish to worry about scraping.

4. Straps and bracelets

Straps of watches for women can be categorized into two categories,i.e.

  • Bracelets
  • Straps

Bracelets often provide watches with a better upmarket appearance, while straps offer a more casual appearance.

Your decision on whether to choose a strap or a bracelet for your watch should be based on the category and functionality you desire from the timepiece, as is the case with many other watch components. Consider how the strap or bracelet style fits your lifestyle when choosing one.

5. Colour

When selecting the color for a women’s watch strap, think about whether you prefer a more colorful watch or one with neutral tones. When choosing a watch, consider neutral tones if you wish it to go with a variety of your dresses. If you want the watch to provide a lively or distinctive appearance to your outfit, watches having a splash of color might be a terrific alternative.

Watches have been a crucial accessory for a very long time. They speak volumes about the wearer’s personality. So, identify your style and choose your watch accordingly.

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