Glaze-ish: The Sweetest Vegan Treats for your Skin!

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Glaze-ish: Birthday Cake Whipped Body Glaze


Glaze-ish specializes in deliciously dessert scented body scrubs, oils, creams and shaving creams which are the sweetest vegan treats! It’s so good that you’ll actually want to eat it and your body will thank you for it. Among the flavors you will smell are gummy bear, strawberry shortcake, birthday cake, cotton candy and fruit loops! Furthermore their products are cruelty- free, vegan and made of exceptional quality! How awesome is that? Glaze-ish is also a black woman owned business.

It’s founder April Mayfield, founded the brand in 202o. Her extensive knowledge in health sciences and immense love for natural skincare products allowed her to create affordable, effective products. As a Disney cruise performer during the pandemic, in her kitchen, April was able to create vegan, dessert-scented products that not only help those who suffer from an array of skin conditions, but also give every individual the ability to indulge in some much-needed self-care. Let’s now indulge and take a look at 4 sumptuous desserts, I mean, body essentials you’d absolutely love.


The first product we feature to you is the Yummy Birthday cake body glaze. Made of Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Mica, Fragrance Oil, you can be sure that this birthday cake body glaze moisturizes and keeps your skin so supple. Not to mention the amazing flavors incorporated in the body glaze. The whipped body glaze are thicker than creams and lotions, it feels fluffy and literally feel like whipped cream when you scoop them off of the jar! Additionally there are many benefits to using this product. One is it is formulated with ingredients that soothe and moisturize. Two, it helps reduce stretch marks and signs of aging. Lastly, it helps reduce dark spots and gives your skin a refreshed and revived look.


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The second exquisite body dessert we present to you is the Cotton candy shaving glaze. Made of, Raspberry Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Cranberry Seed Oil and Vitamin E, the oils in this shaving cream will deeply nourish your skin. Moreover, the oils are able to give your skin a smooth glide against the shaver so you can be sure that there will be none to little damage on your skin. The sweetness of cotton candy gives such a luscious after shave scent to your skin. This shaving cream is an absolute staple to keep in your bathroom.


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The third luxurious Glazeish product we show  you is the Strawberry shortcake body and hair spritzer. Who doesn’t love strawberries? More amazing is that its strawberry shortcake. Alcohol free and paraben free, you can be certain that this spritzer will not harm your skin or give it a strong smell. Furthermore this fragrance has hints of ice cream and white cake topped with juicy strawberries! YUM! Do not forget to spritz after shower or just about anytime and anywhere you feel you need to uplift your spirits. This should always be kept in your handbag at all times.


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The fourth and final body loving product we have here is this luscious Peach cobbler shower jelly. It smells just like fresh Georgia peaches baked into a yummy cobbler. Taking a bath never looked so fun and enticing with this amazing fresh summer fragrance. This gives your body the ultimate nourishment and moisturization with an amazing scent. Put a small amount of this jelly onto your loofah and watch it thicken. Also, this is best followed by the body whipped glaze.

There you have 4 deliciously irresistible body loving products from Glazeish. Check out more of what they have to offer in their website. Also, for more amazing body products, click here.

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