The Most Extravagant Celebrity Homes

The most extravagant celebrity home: #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #celebrityhomes #luxuryhomes #celebrities #billgates #oprahwinfrey #tigerwoods #georgeclooney #beyonce #jayz #realestate
The most extravagant celebrity home: #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #celebrityhomes #luxuryhomes #celebrities #billgates #oprahwinfrey #tigerwoods #georgeclooney #beyonce #jayz #realestate

Life is short, and we should enjoy every bit of it. Thus, we should have a plan for utilizing our lifetime opportunities and resources at our disposal. After succeeding in our endeavors, we should take things to the next level to self-appreciation. We should go for the best things we once dreamt of in life. This may include anything from driving the most luxurious cars to owning an expensive home. This article outlines various homes of celebrities who have taken life to a higher level of luxury.  (Image Credits: Arek Socha/Pixabay)

The Bill Gates magnificent home in Medina, WA   

Bill Gates’ luxurious home is worth $ 132 million. To meet his preferences and better his visitors’ experience, Gates has made his house full of technical details. His guests can regulate the lighting and the temperature around using a unique pin, change the artwork display at the walls using a select button or listen to calm music from any part of the compound from special speakers installed on the walls. But these are just a few highlights about the technology. With a 150-seater hall, 20-seater library, seven bedrooms, and 18 bathrooms, it has everything it takes to hold a large number of visitors. His private beach and the beautiful Washington Lake add to the beauty of the compound.

Oprah Winfrey’s 42-acre estate in California

Oprah’s Montecito, often referred to as ‘the promised land,’ has an approximate value of $ 88 million.  From the internals, this modern styled building features 6-bed rooms, 14 bathrooms, and two theaters. It also has a kitchen gourmet and a wine cellar. Are the compartments not interesting? If you need a home with such internals, you can search for more information about such seemingly gorgeous homes. Besides the interiors, the house has equestrian facilities like riding rings, outdoor fireplaces, and much more. The human-made fishing lake and the multiple ponds present to give you the real experience of aquatic life. 

George Clooney’s ‘Villa Oleandra’ estate in Laglio-Italy

George Clooney’s estate has a current value of approximately $100 million. Its construction along Lake Como dates back to the 18th century. Thus, it gives a perfect mix of the traditional and modern designs and amenities that bring value to a home. From its insides, you will find well-decorated ceilings and floor tiles. You will also find social amenities like gyms, bathrooms, pizza rooms, outdoor theater, and swimming pools. Moreover, there is a motor garage where the owner’s vehicles are repaired and parked. The tennis courts and the surrounding landscaped gardens enhance the appearance of the compound.   

Jay Z and Beyoncé’s 2-acre estate

Jayz and Beyonce’s estate values approximately $135 million. Their property consists of separate compartments, including an eight-bedroom and 11-bathroom house (30,000 ft.), an entertainment center, a car garage, a basketball court, four swimming pools, and a workout room. The inner beauty of the living space is completed by ornate curved ceilings and sliding glass walls. The bulletproof windows assure the owners of more security. Other facilities in the compound include a helipad and an outdoor theater. 

Tiger wood’s 10000 square ft. home in a sunshine estate

The Tiger Woods magnificent home, referred to as Jupiter Island, is valued at approximately $ 54.5 million. The home features a four-bedroom house, a theater, a wine cellar, and a gaming room. In the exterior, the home features a running track, putting a studio, a diving pool, tennis court, a boathouse, 100 ft. Lap pool, a motor garage, and spa. You can enjoy the fantastic sea views using the glass-fronted lift from the main room if you are tired of using the staircase. In the basement, there is a wine cellar, gaming space with equipment for his children. The trees and boundary walls surrounding the compound provide privacy to the golfers and other persons in the vicinity.

From the above discussion, it is evident that real estate is gaining popularity. Most celebrities have changed their lives by owning a home where they can get all they need from sports and entertainment and transport and even conducting business online. You can also add glamour to your future by purchasing a dream home where you can rest after spending hours in the industry. You only need to identify a good piece of land and look for excellent home design. However, it is advisable to seek a real estate agent’s services to guide you.  

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