Common Injuries Rich People Are Prone To

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It seems silly to think of rich people as getting up to different kinds of injuries as normal folk, but the fact that they have so much money to do so many different things, it starts to make sense that they are likely going to have experience doing crazier stuff.

With all of the experiences they get to have, they are going to inevitably run into different problems. The average person likely would not get injured doing some wildly exotic activities, so it is less silly than it sounds that the rich may be more prone to certain injuries, including ones you might expect as well. Here are some common injuries that might occur if you are wealthy.

1. Scuba Diving Injury

It is hard to nail down what exactly a scuba diving injury is, but they seem to be pretty common for people who can regularly afford to go to tropical locales like Hawaii or the Caribbean and spend their time in the water and the sun. Finding a personal injury lawyer Honolulu would probably serve them well, considering their tropical adventures may lead to things like pricking a finger on something spikey down there. This is definitely a class of injury the common person would not really run into often.

2. Whiplash

Anyone who drives a motor vehicle can be susceptible to the pain of whiplash, but the rich are more likely given the fact that they can ride in luxurious vehicles. Whiplash is caused by the sudden stopping of a vehicle going high speeds, which makes the seatbelt hold you safe and your neck jerks hard. It can happen while driving a Toyota, but imagine routinely driving a $400 000 Lamborghini capable of over 200mp/h? That would be some kind of whiplash in comparison to a midsize sedan.

3. Slips and Falls

Another injury that is common for people of all social and economic classes is slips and falls. These can happen at work, while playing sports, doing the dishes, and just about anywhere else you can think of but one thing we seem to forget is that the average age of millionaires and billionaires is well over the average age for all people. At over 50-60 years old, the risk of slipping and fall and hurting something like a hip is much more prominent, which makes it a common injury, but likely more prone for rich people of more senior age.

4. Broken Bones

Having money allows you to do a lot more fun stuff and broken bones seem to be the norm for those that like to see adventure. When you have a high net worth, money does not excite you anymore so you need to push the boundaries and get a little more extreme. Mountain biking, kayaking, and outdoor activities are becoming a lot more popular amongst the younger wealthy crowd and a lot of these activities can result in some bad damage like broken bones. It is no surprise that having money lets you do more, but sometimes that chase of the thrill outside of a financial portfolio can lead to serious bodily damage.

5. Concussion

Just like a bad broken bone, those same activities can cause concussions for those that are not careful. Too much fooling around with extracurricular fun can be dangerous if not approached with caution. Going whitewater rafting is a good way to blow off some steam, but without the right headgear, you would be in for a world of hurt. Sometimes the rich are just as likely to get hurt in this way as anyone else would be.

6. Tennis/Golf Elbow

Finally, we come to one that should come as no surprise at all. When you think of fun sports that the rich and wealthy play, tennis and golf should be the first two that spring to mind. Not only do they embody the class and elegance of the upper class, but they are also really problematic for people’s elbows and wrists. Tennis and golf elbow is a common injury that occurs when the tendons and nerves get damaged from repetitive motions that these two sports are known for. This is an injury you can expect rich people to get because of how often they may find themselves playing it.

Rich people are not so different from the average person. Yes, they can afford to do many more exciting things that regular folk cannot, but they are human all the same which means they are susceptible to injuries too. These are some of the more common injuries you would expect a rich person to come across because of their lifestyle.

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