The Impressive Koh Samui Luxury Villa

Beverly Hills Magazine The Impressive Koh Samui Luxury Villa #realestate #bevhillsmag #thailandrealestateproperties #luxuryvilla
The Impressive Koh Samui Luxury Villa #realestate #bevhillsmag #thailandrealestateproperties #luxuryvilla

The Koh Samui Luxury Villa is indeed one of the most magnificent properties available in the upscale city of Chaweng Noi, Thailand. The Villa has a different form of aesthetics and facilities that makes it impressive and a wonderful place to dwell in.

The location of the Villa is one of the first things that sets it apart, as it faces the beautiful part of nature with the full view of oceans. Oceans surround the environment, beaches also add to the ambiance of the location. 

Koh Samui Luxury Villa has its exterior surface made with dazzling and modern material. The building has many new glass frames that give the house shiny brilliance in the face of the sun. The other component includes well-polished natural wood frames and stone; they all fit in seamlessly with the glass frames in an attractive manner.

The property is wholly situated on a large land area, with a building size of over 1180 sqm; this comes with spacious spaces. The spaces are well utilized and fitted with various facilities to give users an incredible experience, with gardens and courtyards available to relax under the cool of shades.


The interior of the luxury villa is another breath-taking sight, well designed with gleaming surfaces and materials. The interior has different sections, including; bathroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, cinema, etc.

There are five bedrooms in total, each specially built to accommodate the high-class taste and a relaxing environment. Each bedroom is finely finished with detailed wood material and glass frames, with the bedrooms gaining a view of the great outside of the Villa. Three out of the five bedrooms are master suites with giant-sized beds, and they also come with their bathrooms for ease of convenience.

In addition to the rooms, there are other open spaces like the kitchen area, fashioned in a western manner and well equipped for a wonderful cooking experience. The dining area is spacey built to accommodate comfortable tables and chairs for a family dinner.

Fitness Centre

Everything needed is fitted into this splendor of a house. It comes with its gym facility to keep physical fitness ongoing even in a relaxed environment. the gym is equipped with modern equipment to keep the exercise going in top gear.


A private pool is installed in the property to add more aesthetics to the house. The pool is strategically built to look across to the beautiful view of the Villa’s outer environment. There are also spots of relaxation around the pool under shades to feel the ocean wave blowing in a gentle pattern.

The Impressive Koh Samui Luxury Villa is listed   by Conrad Properties.

Beverly Hills Magazine The Impressive Koh Samui Luxury Villa Real Estate Property In Thailand #bevhillsmag #luxuryvilla #kohsamui

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