Magnificent Property Composed Of Two Chalets

Beverly Hills Magazine Magnificent Property Composed Of Two Chalets #bevhillsmag #frenchproperties #luxuryrealestateinfrance #chalets
Magnificent Property Composed Of Two Chalets #bevhillsmag #frenchproperties #luxuryrealestateinfrance #chalets

The magnificent property has a beautiful exterior, but not only that, but it also comes with a well-designed interior. The interiors of the property have an exquisite touch to give it a classy and homely feeling. They are built with state-of-the-art materials, and it is finely finished with well-polished woods and floors. The entire walls and floors are meticulously planned to give the entire house a modern look, both indoors and exterior.

Bedrooms Of The Magnificent Property

There are 12 bedrooms, each one specially built to give a superb feeling and experience. It comes with an ultra-modern design and facilities to give a relaxing feeling. Each bedroom comes with its own set of specially made furniture with a king-sized bed overlaid with a soft bed covering and comfy pillows.  The floor of the room is also covered with fluffy rugs to give comfort to bare feet.

The rooms have windows to allow the sneak peek of the early morning sun and a beautiful place to watch the setting sun. The windows also come with blinds to create the day and night effect and adjust the room’s brightness.

Living rooms

The livings rooms are spaciously built to allow various setups and modifications. It has bright laminations with different colored light to add a pleasing effect to the well-decorated space. The living room contains comfortable furniture and sofas with a well-carved centerpiece table and dining. The dining segment of the room gives enough space for a moderate to large-sized family.

The room is made even more attractive and warmer, with bright fireplaces located strategically to provide warmth to the entire house. There is an open kitchen with large granite countertops that gives the room a more friendly ambiance. 

Asides from the living room and bedrooms, the property also comes with different sections and facilities. The corridors are well lighted with see-through glass doors and well-placed designs and hangings. 

Beverly Hills Magazine French Property Magnificent Property Composed Of Two Chalets #bevhillsmag #luxuryrealestate #frenchproperty #chaletforsale

This magnificent property is listed  by Kalliste Properties.

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