The Fastest Electric Motorcycle: Voxan Wattman

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If you love motorcycles, here is one you should look out for, the Voxan Wattman. It’s touted as the fastest electric motorcycle in the world. Furthermore, the new motorbike set eleven world records within three days in Chateauroux airfield in France. The racing event took place from 30th October to 1st November, where the top speed achieved was 408 km/h. 

To achieve this record-breaking feat, Vaxon Motor enlisted Max Biaggi to ride the electric bike. He is a veteran MotoGP and two-time World Superbike Champion.

Now, let’s check what makes this motorcycle, Voxan Wattman, unique. 

The Design and Technology of Voxan Wattman 

Precise engineering makes Voxan Wattman a great electric motorcycle. Starting from the aerodynamics, powertrain, and battery system, they all play an essential role. Plus, the motorcycle boasts a one-of-a-kind technical structure that makes it stand out. For example, the wheelbase is longer (distance between the front and rear wheel) to enhance stability at high speed. Likewise, a longer wheelbase and the larger rake put the rider’s position as low as possible. 

The bike uses a frame built with 7075-T6 aluminum and 25CD4S steel tubings like those used in ultralight aircraft. Also, engineers added a double-wishbone front suspension instead of a telescopic fork. It offers practical solutions, for instance, lowering the drag effect. Besides, the bike uses a steering link and a swingarm, which allows the rider to be further back. Plus, it lowers the center of gravity. 

According to technical director Franck Baldet, the front brake omission was a sacrifice for the greater good. First, the motorcycle is better aerodynamically when at high speed; second, it takes a while to speed up on vast salt flats due to the low surface grip. 

Most importantly, using front-wheel brakes at high speed causes the motorbike to unbalance and can fall. Otherwise, the rider will use rear-wheel brakes on the left handlebar grip to slow down. And finally, the bike comes with an engine braking system controlled by a lever on the right handlebar grip.

Unlike most motorbikes, Wattman rides without a conventional cooling system. Yes, it’s possible! The radiator dispenses cooled fluid from the cooling unit circuit, then pumps it through the powertrain. Although seen as a disadvantage to its aerodynamics, it prevents overheating. The process entails cooling the fluid with dry ice in a tank beneath the seat. 

Performance of the Fastest Electric Motorcycle

Voxan Motors built this motorcycle from scratch and not from any existing platform. Their primary focus was a top speed of 330km/h, which would be enough to smash the 329 km/h record set by Mobitec EV-O2A bike.

So, to achieve the record-targeting power unit, the Voxan team sought help from Venturi. Here is where the powerful battery cells went through a series of bench tests before assembling. The challenge was finding the best power to size ratio since the range did not affect the record. The battery contained 1470 cells and weighed 140 kg. But more significantly, they churn out a nominal power of 317 kW and have a capacity of 15.0 kWh.

Indeed, the Voxan Wattman electric motorbike achieved its goal with an average speed of 366.94km/h on the 3.5 km runway. And in doing so, Wattman set a record for partially streamlined electric bikes weighing over 300 kilos.

Again, the motorbike guided by Maxi Biaggi tackled the same distance with a non-streamlined bike version. And as expected, Wattman succeeded by attaining an average speed of 217 mph in the two-way race. The top speed for this version was 231 mph. Later, Biaggi expressed his happiness after smashing the two records. He further said, “I’m proud of the team and delighted to bring these titles back to Monaco!” 

Overall, the team achieved 11 records out of 12 that they were chasing. However, seven of the records straight forward since there was nothing to beat. However, biking enthusiasts should wait for more, as Voxan harbor plans beat other world records. 

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Selling Price of this Electric Motorcycle 

Unfortunately, this electric bike will not be up for sale. Not now or soon. However, according to the Voxan spokesperson, there are considerations regarding the subject. Or maybe a possibility of releasing a limited series, though now it’s not a priority.


The electric motorcycle is the first high-performance model from Vaxon Motor, which is part of Venturi Group. They customized the bike specifically for breaking the world speed record. The initial record-breaking attempt was to happen in Bolivia next year. However, with the ongoing health crisis and lack of surety with traveling prospects, they saw it wise to postpone the attempt. 

As a result, Venturi’s president opted to attempt the feat this year at Chateauroux airport, central France. The runway was perfect and met all criteria set by FIM (International Motorcycling Federation). Also, the three-day event would ensure the company marks its 20th-anniversary in a befitting style.


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