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A Los Angeles native, Geoff Silverman, the television literary manager and partner/producer at The Cartel Entertainment Company caught the “Industry Bug” at a young age and began his career as an assistant at The William Morris agency. After 3 years he got a job at FOX( FBC) working for Bob Greenblatt, now prexy of NBC.

Geoff was responsible for assisting Bob on development of X-Files, Party of Five, NY Undercover, and Melrose Place. He was then hired as Director of Development at New World TV by Brandon Tartikoff (former head of NBC, ABC, and Paramount Pictures). Silverman sold 3 network series while working with Brandon, and simultaneously served as programming executive on WiseGuy, Silk Stalkings, Renegade, and The Commish.

The Cartel
The Cartel

Geoff then had a stint with Brett Ratner where he ran the TV division and oversaw the SONY/ATG overall deal and later with WBTV. It was in 2003 that Geoff discovered his calling in the world of literary management and production, which he has been doing ever since. Today, Geoff is partner and manager at The Cartel Entertainment in Hollywood. He manages many writers who specialize in a diverse array of TV show genres.

When asked what he thinks of Hollywood this is what he said, “It’s such a mixed bag. TV and Film are like different worlds. There are so many different writers out there and lots of competition. It’s really rewarding when I get one of our clients a job on a show or sell a series, but it’s tough when shows get cancelled all the time. There’s constant competition.”

Geoff Silverman obviously knows a lot about the business of Hollywood with his repertoire of experience and success. Tell us, what is it like being a producer and what projects are you currently working on?

“It’s every man for himself. You have your own list of contacts and you’re always looking for more material. It takes a lot of dedication and creativity. I am currently executive producer for a new show on FX called BFF’s. It’s about a daughter and her father, who turns out is a cross dressing homosexual. It’s a very interesting and emotional story with real life issues. It’s based on a true story.”

How can people get to work with you or The Cartel? We accept referrals from agents or attorneys.

What advice would you give to other aspiring producers or industry executives? “You have to believe in your own abilities and go with your gut.”


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