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With the success of Deadtime Stories, a new TV Show for kids filled with fun and spooky tales we took a moment to get to know the shows creator, Annette Cascone a little better to find out the inspiration for the show. She penned the series with her sister Gina, and together the two have created the hugely successful show for kids, Deadtime Stories on Nickelodeon.

The books, Deadtime Stories, were actually published in the 90’s, and at the same time Annette and Gina were ghost writing for the famous kids’ stories author R.L Stine’s  Goosebumps series.

“We learned a lot about series writing at that time, and how important outlining is to creating a great storyline.”

With so many creative possibilities for writers out there, we wondered why Annette and Gina Cascone chose to create a scary and spooky series for kids.

Deadtime Stories on Nickelodeon
Deadtime Stories on Nickelodeon

“We wanted to make shows for kids that are scary but funny too. Childhood is a time of innocence and fun. I think kids are growing up so fast these days so through this show, giving fun thrills and chills, it allows kids to be kids. It’s a fun safe ride for kids when they are watching the show. We think parents will appreciate that too. It’s also fun for me to be able to relive some of my own childhood memories through the show. A lot of the scenes are inspired by our actual life experiences. Of course there are changes and embellishments, but it’s all in good fun for the kids. We are also big fans of comedy. So we have incorporated funny thrills and chills into the show, and that’s the joy in it and what makes it different from other TV shows for kids out there.”

We think it’s admirable that the two sisters came together and worked as a team to create a successful television show concept and then persevered to ensure its success and ultimate fruition to a network series on Nickelodeon.

Tell us Annette, what advice would you give to other aspiring writers or authors?  “If that little voice inside your head says that you have to do this, then you have to do it. No matter how hard it is or no matter how many rejections you get along the way. Honor yourself, and listen to yourself. When you do, your dreams will most certainly come into fruition.”

Well we like the sound of that, and wish Annette and Gina Cascone great success with their newest project  Deadtime Stories TV show for kids on Nickelodeon, and we hope to see a feature film for kids coming soon too!

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Watch the show every Thursday at 8pm and 8:30pm only on Nickelodeon.

Catch a Glimpse of A Spooky Deadtime Stories Episode Now:

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