The Best Party Tips Ever

The Best Party Tips Ever
The Best Party Tips Ever

It’s party season, so why not open your doors and invite your friends over to celebrate with you?

There’s no need to make it complicated. If you are well organized and follow this easy party throwing guide, you’ll be able to create the background for a stunning evening. An evening that will be remembered because it was fun and fantastic for all the right reasons.

Get started as soon as you can

There’s no moment like the present, so get started with your guest list. Decide what type of party you’d rather host. Do you imagine a sit down formal affair, or something a little more casual with say, a finger food buffet?

You need an outfit

And not just that, you need a new one! No self-respecting party hostess ever gave a party in an old dress. Online fashion shopping is the way to go. It’s fast easy, and you can score some great deals on top labels. Get your discountrue coupon and get shopping at places like Neiman Marcus, Rebecca Minkoff and Bergdorf Goodman.

Keep things simple

This is going to be about you having some fun with your friends, so there is no need to over complicate things. Send out your invitations and decide now what you are going to do about catering. If you are going to be doing the cooking, make sure you prepare the sort of dish that can be cooked in advance. Consider whether you might like to get a caterer in. Get your prices and options sorted.

Another option is to provide finger food. People love canapes and tapas style dishes. They are easy to serve, and you can offer plenty of olives, nuts and cheeses. Make sure you have a stunning dessert to offer. Make it something seasonal that people will love.

Party themes and fun things to do.

How do you feel about choosing a theme? Some people love the dress up, and it can make for a fun evening. On the other hand, you might just want to have some novelty item or game that you guests can opt in or out of. It could be fun to have a camera around and allow the guests to take pictures. Polaroids could be printed there and then. Digital can be posted up and shared later. (Image Credit)

With the invitations out and the basics decided it’s time to start your countdown for the big day. Have a think about how you might alter the layout of your room if you are restricted for space. Will you be using the outside space or garden? If you do will you need to have some lights on, or even outdoor candles, or a fire pit perhaps? Time to appoint a fire starter. Guys love this job.

Check your lighting inside to ensure you can create the right atmosphere.

Get your music playlists all sorted. Charge up your ipod and ensure you’ve the right sounds to create the right party feeling.

On the day, check your outfit so you can be happy and focused on enjoying your evening. Allow yourself time to work on your hair and makeup.

Get your food set out using the grooviest platters you can find. Check your drink suppliers. Ensure you have enough non-alcoholic beverages to offer along with wines, beers and spirits.

It might make sense to have a reserve box of bubbles and beers just in case you run short. You could ask your supplier about a supply or return deal.

It can be a real boost to have someone around to give you a hand warming and serving while the party is in full swing. With any luck, that won’t be your guests! If you have caterers in make sure they have everything they need. Now you simply have to focus on looking amazing and being the wonderful hostess that you are.

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