The Best App for Learning Music

The Best Android App for Learning Music #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #learningmusic #music #androidapps #mobileapp #musicapp #technology
The Best Android App for Learning Music #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #learningmusic #music #androidapps #mobileapp #musicapp #technology

Almost every ambitious person wants to learn and execute some great skills in his life. He wants to be recognized for his very skill at least at the community level or nationwide. Besides, there are also skills that a person likes to learn and exercise as a hobbyist or an amateur. For example, learning music does not mean you aim to be a professional in that skill or art. Whatever the motive behind a particular effort, it is important that you learn something great in life. (Image Credit: Freepik)

Music, too, is a field where a lot of people want to learn and adopt it as a profession while many want to learn it as a hobby. In this great era of technology, android devices and the apps on them have got so much importance that almost no walk of life is devoid of their support in some way or the other. The same goes true for music as well. A lot of android apps or others are around to teach music to those who do not have time to join a traditional academy of music. These apps serve the purpose to their maximum and make it really easy for all to learn music. We have also a few of them listed below for your kind consult and consideration. Here we go now.

My Piano Assistant

This is one of the best learning music apps that allow you through your android device to have a reference to piano chords and scales. Whenever requested, My Piano Assistant gives you the formula and notes of a chord or scale through a selected route. You can see the position of notes on the piano keyboard. You will also be able to listen to the selected chord or scale. My Piano Assistant keeps tutorials easily accessible – just a tap away. This great app always keeps your skills sharp as well as helps you in composition. Furthermore, it also supports different screen sizes and by supporting both portrait and landscape modes, it allows you to use your android device the way you want to. On top of everything, this versatile app is available free of cost at the Google Play Store for your valued android device.


Skoove is an amazing and I think the best piano app to have in your smartphone. It will start things from scratch that will include the right way to sit at the piano and guiding you on how to place the hands on the keyboard to a stage where you are able to play your favorite song with two hands on the piano.

The app listens to the music that you play on the piano and gives a real-time feedback that I think no other app offers. It will let you know with a green or red color if you played the right note at the right time or made any mistake. If you expect to get a real-time feedback like you get from any teacher then this is the right app.


With xPiano on your device, you will never need to be in front of a piano to practice your skills. With a 4-octave piano keyboard and 12 instruments, xPiano android app also facilitates you to adjust the keyboard width. If you are really motivated, this app can serve you to learn the actual piano, but you may not be cranking out any Mozart with xPiano. Not to speak of the seasoned pianists, even the beginners can enjoy this app available for free on the Google Play Store for your android device.

Drum Kit

For the non-lovers of guitar and piano, Drum Kit is the app that they can be proud of. You can have one of the best experiences of finger drumming with this multi touch android app. The top down view presents you a drum set you can play with your finger tips. Equipped with the multiple features like movable drums and percussions, cool animation, Drum Editor, and a composer, this app poses as if you are playing with a real drum set. With this app on your android device, you can create basic rhythms that allow you to play finesse beats. You may download this app for free from the Google Play Store and get your inner drummer unleashed.

Music Tutor Sight Read

This is a great app for the beginners to learn how to read and write music in the form of a quiz game designed for the students of music. This app keeps you on your toes as it also packs some games, never allowing you to feel bored out of a dull moment in learning the foundations of music. Unluckily enough, this great app does not allow you to review your mistakes and, hence, you will have to be vigilant not to repeat the same erroneous answers.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

This remarkable android app for learning music lets you see guitar tablatures and bass tablatures as well as guitar tablatures and chords. This app also has SD card support, allowing you to save not only this application on your SD card but also save tabs for offline access. You may view the top 100 tabs for each tab type if you like to view the popular tabs for your guitar, drums or bass. This app may have compatibility issues with some devices; otherwise, this is really a very handy app.                      

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