The Beauty Girl’s Guide to Choosing the Right Hairstyle

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A hairstyle is one of the most important aspects of your looks. It is one of those one-time investments you make and reap the benefits for two to four weeks. If you get it right, your hairstyle can highlight some of your best features and make you look amazingly beautiful. 

However, finding the perfect hairstyle for your face shape can be a bit overwhelming. It is not an outfit you can try out until you find what is best for you. The good news is, we have compiled a guide to choosing the right hairstyle. The first thing is to determine your face shape. 

What is My Face Shape?

Before you can find the most flattering hairstyle, you must know your face shape. The best way to do this is by taking a pic of yourself with your face to the camera and hair tied at the back. Proceed to trace the outline of your face to see the shape it resembles. No, here is your complete guide to choosing the right hairstyle.

Hairstyle for round face shape

If you have a round face, you will want to reduce the roundness with the hairstyle you choose. If you have curly hair, short haircuts are a no-no. Instead, go for long hair. On the other hand, sleek straight hair is perfect for a short haircut. You can also experiment with a pixie cut with side-swept bangs falling on your cheekbone. Whatever you do, don’t opt for anything that ends above your chin line. 

Hairstyle for oval face shape

If you have an oval face shape, you are the luckiest woman. Almost every hairstyle will be perfect for your face. However, you might want to ensure you add o weight to your hair since you already have a long face. You can experiment with a wavy hairstyle. Bob will also work magic for you if you want to go short. You may want to check this 4c hair care guide for more options. 

Hairstyle for elongated face shape

An elongated face shape is almost oval but slightly longer. With this, you need a hairstyle that gives volume to your crown area, as long as it does not make your face look longer. A mega voluminous hairstyle is also perfect because it will add some roundness to your face. A wavy hairstyle can also be perfect. If you want to keep it short, a side-parted bob that ends below the chin is excellent. 

Hairstyle for square face shape

A square face is slightly angular in length and almost equidistant in width. This means that everything you do should not draw attention to your jawline. The best hairstyles are either textured or curly. For instance, you can brush it inwards or opt for a layered hairstyle. Layered bob or feathery shoulder-length should suffice if you want to keep as short. 

Hairstyle for rectangle face shape 

A rectangle face shape is accompanied by a strong jawline. However, you will notice that your face length reduces the prominence of your jawline. Avoid too long hair because it will add length to your face. The best direction to take is to give it some width. For instance, you can add volume by blow-drying your curls outwards. Bold wavy is excellent for long hair, while a layered bob is perfect for short hair. 

Hairstyle for diamonds face shape

A diamond face shape means that you have wide cheekbones as the focal point of your face. The best hairstyle for this face shape should be one that draws attention away from your narrow hairline and chin. You can use curls to cut down the width and try to give it an illusion of balance at the chin. Shoulder-length curls will also look nice on you. 

Hairstyle for heart-shaped face

A heart-shaped face is one with the forehead as the focal point. Therefore, you should strive to draw away the attention from your cheekbones and eyes. A fringe is your best bet for this face shape. Flowing wavy hair can also work wonders at masking your forehead. However, ensure you avoid any type of crown-heavy or short bang styles. 

Hairstyle for A-triangle face shape

This face shape is defined by a wider jawline and narrow forehead. Whatever you opt for should draw away the attention from your jawline. Fringes and bangs are the best hairstyles for such face shape. Accordingly, you can try longer, wavy hair. A textured bob is also perfect if you want to keep it short. However, you will want to keep off anything chin-length. 

Hairstyle for V-triangle face shape

V-triangle face shape is the exact opposite of the A-triangle face shape. In this case, you will notice your forehead being the focal point. Therefore, any hairstyle you choose should not focus on your forehead. Ensure you try to widen your jawline and cheekbone. Straight bangs are a no-no. However, you can go for a perfect bob cut or side bangs. 

Bonus tips for choosing the best hairstyle

When to use bangs

Bangs are almost a hit with every face shape. However, you can try different types of bangs depending on your face shape. For instance, an oval face shape is perfect with any bang type. O the other hand, heavy bangs will make your face look rounder. 

Best hairstyle for a chubby face

Sleek straight hair, parting at the sides, and side fringes are perfect for any chubby face. Feathered waves can also do the magic. With a chubby face, you will need to find a style that reduces the roundness or give your face the illusion of being a bit longer. 

How can you determine your face shape?

As suggested earlier, the first step to finding the right hairstyle is by finding your face shape. You can do this by using a camera or standing in front of a mirror with your hair tied at the back. Use an armband to highlight your hairline. The shape that your face resembles closely is your face shape. 

The bottom line 

If you want to change or enhance your appearance, your hairstyle should be the first thing to look into. The best advice is always to go bold. Know your face shape to determine what works for you. The moment you know what is best for your face, you will have no problem rocking the perfect hairstyle. A hair regrowth routine can also be a consideration if you want to experiment with different styles. 

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