A Quick Guide To Styling Sexy Bustiers

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Fashion and style evolve like everything else in life. In the 16th century Europe, corsets were mainly worn as undergarments by the women of the time to compliment their dresses. Fast forward to today, many people start referring to them as bustiers and there are now many ways to wear them. Current bustier designs are not only utilized as an undergarment but also as a staple outfit piece.

It’s time to look sexy in broad daylight without a lot of skin while leaving more to the imagination. By combining this daring yet elegant dress piece with other garments, you’ll look like you’re wearing an outfit straight from some stylish runway show.

Here are some ideas for wearing and styling your sexy bustier:

  • Over A T-Shirt Dress 

While a t-shirt dress feels and looks comfortable to be worn as it is, it can be even better by elevating and adding a Victorian feel to it. You can do so by wearing it underneath a sexy bustier. Find one among some popular bustier styles available online. 

Let your preferred bustier work as a waist cincher to make you look slimmer. It may help enhance and flatter your body shape while allowing you to join the Victorian fashion trend. To finish off your look, you can wear accompanying tights and boots. Depending on the color palette you’re trying to pull off, ensure that the corset will pair well with the color of your t-shirt dress. 

  • With High-Waisted Pants 

Many people regard the high waisted pants and jeans look very hot with bustiers. You’ll look taller and longer with them. By toning sexy down a bit, your covered legs will make you feel more relaxed and covered. Choose high-waisted pants to cover more parts of your waist. This will allow some part of the corset to be hidden under the pants, making you look trendier and highly fashionable. 

  • With A Skirt 

You may already own some fashionable skirts that are indispensable garments in your wardrobe. It’ll appear more feminine and romantic when styled with a cropped corset top. Fortunately, bustiers remain always in-trend, so it’d look great with any kind of skirt you have. 

From midi-skirt, flowy ones, to miniskirts, bustier would look great on them. However, stay away from the sexy lingerie and lacy-styled products, as they look more for undergarments and bedroom clothes. Go for bustiers with thicker and plain fabric materials that’d be more comfortable to be worn outdoors. 

  • Under A Loose Blouse As A Body Shaper 

Much like with the shirt dress, you can also wear a bustier under a loose blouse. It’ll act as a body shaper too and make your waist appear thinner. Under loose blouses, wear a bustier rather than a bra. The bustier will help tuck in your stomach. As well as being sexy, the garment is functional and form-fitting, so you look your best throughout the day. 

  • Under A Jacket 

Jackets are the ultimate add-ons to tame down any sexy look. They can make you look professional and more formal, even when wearing sexy tops underneath. Under a regal blazer or conservative sweater, wear a bustier to formal and party events. Making a fashion statement by mixing conservative and sexy is a great way to avoid going overboard. Mix and match the perfect bustier to pair with the right jacket top. 

  • With Some Leather 

Outfits made out of leather material are undoubtedly great if paired with sexy bustiers too. Cop the 90’s fashion style by combining your black corset with leather leggings or leather jacket. This look can be pretty yet angsty with an air of mystery. Don’t be afraid to try pulling off the same look to show off your wild side. 

  • With A Long White-Button Down Shirt And Flare Jeans 

Traditionally, corsets were considered undergarments but that’s not the case anymore. Layering it with a white button-down shirt can spice up your favorite basics. Fashion icons show you how to rock a white button-down shirt, so, understandably, you love wearing them. Nevertheless, it’s time to add some spice to it and a bustier just plays right.  

Corsets over white button-downs give you a polished look without spending too much time. Also, it’s a modest way to wear a corset during the daytime. To make the perfect outfit pair, find flare jeans that would look best with your sexy top. Be sure to find the fitting flare jeans that’ll show off your figure and elongate your legs. 

  • With Half-Sweater And Trousers 

Wearing half-sweaters serve the purpose of hiding enough skin so you’ll be able to control the amount of sexiness in your look. Find the perfect half-sweater and add it to your sexy bustier. This look would be great to wear on any occasion and turn eyes as they seem pretty fashion-forward. You’ll find the same fashionable ideas worn by famous people on social media.

Keep in mind to choose your color palette smartly when mixing and matching the sweater and bustier together. Go for neutral tones, so they’ll make you look timeless and elegant. As for your bottoms, go for a pair of neutral-hued trousers that are a bit relaxed, so you’ll feel comfortable doing whatever you’ve planned for the day. 

  • With A Maxi Skirt 

If you’re a fan of the boho look, a maxi skirt will always be your go-to fashion item in your wardrobe. You’ll be surprised to see that this boho skirt would look great on your bustier too. If you want to dwell on a more feminine look, go for a floral maxi skirt and pair it with a plain colored bustier. With a beautiful hat, a perfect boho hair-do, and some accessories for your body, you’re ready to snap some photos of your outfit of the day.  

  • Under A See-Through Top 

You might own some see-through or sheer tops that can only be worn with your bikini on the beach. Take them out from your closet and use them with your sexy bustier. It’s a great combination together while covering more skin to tone down your sexy look a bit. Such a top can be paired with either pants, shorts, or a skirt. It looks like you’ve found another way to use your see-through tops, thanks to your corsets.


Gone are the days when sexy bustiers are often used and worn only within the four corners of your bedroom. Gain the confidence of feeling and looking sexy by incorporating sexy bustiers into your everyday outfits. Check out your wardrobe, look for your staple pieces, and style your bustier look as suggested in this guide. 

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