The Artist of Romance: Chris Dellorco

ISOLATION by Chris Dellorco Fine Artist
ISOLATION by Chris Dellorco Fine Artist

Chris Dellorco grew up in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles where he was immersed in a culture of creativity and out of the box thinking. He was naturally drawn to the arts, and at a young age realized he could pursue this interest as a profession. Though he studied economics in school, he always found himself pulled back to his innermost desire of creative expression through the arts. What began as an inspiration to draw album cover artwork, evolved into a career that required him to learn not only drawing techniques, but digital illustration too, utilizing technology programs like Photoshop to create art forms for various clients. These clients include many Hollywood production companies, including Disney. Chris Dellorco’s art work can be seen on the posters for films such as Conan the Barbarian, Coming to America, Revenge of the Nerds, and many Disney movie covers, such as The Lion King, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and The Beast, and many more.We spoke with this world renowned artist as he takes us through his journey of the art world.


What inspired you to paint, of all the mediums to choose from out there? Because of my extensive experience in illustration and digital art creation, I always found myself drawn to the original form of art, painting. I pursued my interest in painting with oils as a side hobby, and it evolved into the career I have today because I received such a positive response from my first piece, Isolation. (Pictured Above)

Women are a common theme in each piece, why? At first, I started painting ordinary people and chose to superimpose them onto extravagant Cathedral backgrounds, but it didn’t have the same effect. My girlfriend at the time suggested I paint her, and I did. That’s what inspired Isolation. As a man, I am endlessly fascinated by women, so as an artist I am constantly in pursuit of showing a woman’s wide array of emotions through my work, utilizing these exceptional backgrounds. I have found a beautiful subject that I never tire of, and of course, most people can appreciate beautiful women as well. So naturally a “WOMAN” has become the iconic aspect of my work.


Where do you get your inspiration from to create such beautiful art pieces utilizing both women and architecture as the subjects? I start by travelling the world; I’ve been to Middle East, Turkey, Greece, and across Europe where the architecture is spectacular. Then I photograph female models in various settings. I’ll then match the female image with the architectural images I have captured, and then I’ll bring the two components together, melding them into one, just using a canvas, oil, and a paint brush. The process is really quite simple.

Why do you think art is such a valuable collector’s item? It remains a mystery to me…I am always surprised by how affected someone gets by my work and how it evokes such strong emotional responses. It captures something in their hearts and they connect with the piece on such a deep level. I use subtle religious symbolism in my work as well and I believe this unconscious spirituality reverberates through the piece creating an enigmatic allure that draws people into the deeper meaning of the piece. Of course, everyone is different, so not every piece will speak to everyone… I suppose that’s the beauty of art, it leaves a story untold so that the viewer can imagine their own story in it.


Describe the journey of becoming a successful artist? It’s been quite a journey, from the financial ups and downs, which comes with owning your own business. Then the creative side is personally challenging as well. As an artist I am my own worst critic, I am always trying to be better than my last piece. And it’s frustrating but rewarding at the same time. In my eyes, each piece could always have been better. So every day when I paint, I am striving to make the next best piece. Though, being in Paris and seeing my artwork in the Disney store was pretty remarkable. Knowing millions of people have seen my work, that’s what artists live for…To be able to share their art with the world.

Have you discovered your personal purpose in what you do? My life’s purpose is to create. Media forms may change in the future as they have in the past, so whether I’m using acrylics, oils, digital mediums, film, etc …I will always be creative.


How are collectors an important part of the art world? Collectors keep the art world alive. If someone buys a piece, they are supporting the artist’s ability to keep creating more art. Collectors are a vital part of the art world. Without them, artists wouldn’t necessarily have an outlet to have their work circulated around the world, nor would they have the income to sustain a successful career as an artist.

You’ve accomplished so much. You’ve reached success. What are your goals from here? I consider success making enough to be able to keep painting. Fortunately I make more than that, so now my goals are more intimate and relate more so to the work itself. I have this endless desire for perfection in what I create, and with each new piece I pursue that goal, piece after piece.

What advice would you give to aspiring artists out there? I have two pieces of advice. 1. Don’t dream, do. If you’re not constantly painting, you’re not getting better. You have to make things happen. 2. You should always be your own worst critic. Proud artists are not putting in the work necessary to become better and better. You have to be critical of each piece, and strive for improvement. So simply put, “Do and Critique.”

From pencil drawings to world renowned fine artist and famous painter, Chris Dellorco shares a piece of his life with us as his journey takes him through the art world bringing beauty and perfection to life by his natural talent and breathtaking ability to capture the human form and all its essence, piece after piece. He is certainly one of the most talented artists alive today, if not the very best.

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“A viewer’s ability to personalize their own art…That’s what makes it valuable” 

~ Chris Dellorco

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