The Ambiance Of A Luxury Restaurant

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When we go out to eat in a luxury restaurant, we are looking for a specific type of experience. We want the food to be delicious, morish, and something worth walking about. The cocktails are cold and perfectly mixed, and excellent company. Likewise, any restaurant owner can make improvements that will transform the ambiance and luxury status of their hotel by following the four-point guide listed in the restaurant growth handbook.

But the real start of the show is the ambiance. 

The ambiance is how the whole place feels. It should feel so good that your customers aren’t wondering if you purchased used restaurant equipment, the weather outside or if there is a waiting list. 

All they care about is the here and now. 

So what are the elements of luxury ambiance? 

When looking at the experience of the restaurant, you need to activate all senses: 

  • Taste
  • Sound
  • Smell
  • Touch
  • Visual 


The wrong shade of lighting is going to change the mood entirely. Look to have several different tones of bulbs and move them through different tones as the evenings go on. The later into the evening you get, the more of a quiet and cozy atmosphere you should want to create. 

Table placement 

Don’t be the high-end restaurant with a table by the toilet. Avoid placing tables anywhere that might be undesirable, and instead focus on placing tables and chairs in an intelligent layout. Give all guests room to move from their chairs, and focus on comfort over packing the place out. 

Consider having bar stool chairs as it gives different options for seating too. Secluded VIP seating, quiet areas, larger tables, and closer to the bar seating too. 


If there is one thing above all that you should ensure, it is the cleanliness of the space. It should never smell like any cleaning chemicals but be spotless. Daytime cleaning crews are best booked first thing in the morning so that any disinfectant smells have dissipated by the evening. 


Your employees directly impact how your customers feel on an evening. And while you might not think they add much to the experience, how they act and what they wear make a big difference. 

Ensure that all your staff are highly trained and present themselves in the best way. Uniforms should have standards to be met so that they all look flawless in keeping with the brand of the restaurant. 


The saying the devil is in the details really comes into play here. The scent of the hand soap, the complementing hand cream, the style of the handles, the weight of the forks – the smallest item makes the difference. Cast a sharp eye over how everything comes together. 

From the toothpicks to the exit sign. 


The music you use can increase the spending of your patrons, so make sure that you read studies that directly relate to how music impacts your audience. The music that you play should meet the demographic of the people who are in the luxury restaurant. 

When aiming for a luxury clientele, there are some things that you need to take into consideration: 8 Techniques To Attract Affluent Customers

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