6 Best Gift Ideas for This Year

6 Best Gift Ideas for This Year #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #giftideas #dinnervoucher #giftofrelaxation #giftbaskets #bevhillsmag

Picking out gifts for others in your life can be overwhelming. It isn’t easy to honestly know whether someone likes what you get them or not, and it is always a letdown when you can tell they don’t like your gift! While there is no getting over the element of risk involved in gift-giving, there are gifts out there that most appreciate! Of course, after reading, if you need some more inspiration, you can find more ideas at GiftFinder.net. To help you ensure that your gift-giving is a success, here are six gift ideas for 2022.

1. Personalized Gift Baskets

You really can’t go wrong with a personalized gift filled with all the treats and goodies that most people love. You can always incorporate chocolates, fruits, and other sweet-tasting treats with any gift basket. The best part? These kinds of gift ideas work for practically any occasion. Got a friend or relative with another orbit complete? Give them birthday baskets for a sure-fire hit!

2. A Subscription Gift

There’s nothing better than receiving a present monthly. Give the gift that keeps on giving with a subscription service for sought-after food items or other trending subscription packages like hygiene kits and wine club memberships. Whoever you’re shopping for is bound to love this one! You can also consider a self-care subscription box. Especially in today’s work environment, the need for self-care is tremendous! Treat the person you’re shopping for with subscription gifts, including bath bombs and inspirational stickers that say, “you rock!” You’ll rock for getting them this gift.

6 Best Gift Ideas for This Year #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #giftideas #dinnervoucher #giftofrelaxation #giftbaskets #bevhillsmag
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3. A Spa Gift Card

Who doesn’t love relaxation? Give your gift recipient the gift of relaxation with a spa gift card. They can spend it on whatever spa service suits them best. They might get a massage, a facial, or get their nails painted. Whatever they want to do, you’ve made it convenient for them to spend a little extra on their self-care. Look for spas local to you to make the gift super convenient for them.

4. A Cooking Class

Get your gift recipient a paid-for cooking class. We could all brush up on our cooking skills, so this is a valuable gift for someone who likes to keep things practical or, ideally, those who love to cook! Look for creative classes in your area that have wine and food pairings with the class for even more fun! Try to purchase two tickets if you can use them so that they can take someone they know with them. It’s more fun to learn new skills when you’re with friends!

5. A Charcuterie Board

The gift of cheese, grapes, and other goodies you find on a cheese platter are too good to beat. When in doubt, you can always give the gift of a charcuterie board (make sure they’re not lactose intolerant!). Look for boards with elaborate displays, so your gift presents as particularly thoughtful. You’ll undoubtedly impress with this one!

6. A Dinner Voucher

Everyone likes food. Get the person on your list a dinner voucher that they can apply to a loved restaurant in your area. Make sure you make it a dinner-for-two so they can enjoy their meal with someone they love! Who knows? They might even take you with them!

For bonus points, go with a dinner voucher to a fancy restaurant. Everyone likes to feel fancy occasionally! Treat them to a meal they’ll remember with a dinner voucher.

The Bottom Line

The best gift ideas for 2022 are a mix of classics like cheeseboards and spa gift cards and modern trends like subscription services. Consider the ideas in the list above, and you’ll find gifts that will impress anyone you’re shopping for!

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