The $2,000,000 Luxury Dining Experience

The Jane Seymour Blue Diamond Ring and $2Million Dining Experience
The Jane Seymour Blue Diamond Ring and $2Million Dining Experience

With $2,000,000 in Singapore, you can choose between a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a penthouse, or a  dinner. When the masters of diamonds and lifestyle join forces, you can expect no compromise for the world’s most expensive, and exclusive culinary dining experience, for two diners only. This one of a kind $2,000,000 dining experience comes with coveted luxury items including the 2.08 carat blue diamond Jane Seymour ring and more.

The $2,000,000, Dining Experiencce

The 8-hour  retreat  begins  with  a  phenomenal  air,  land  and  sea  journey–commencing  with  a  45  minute helicopter ride offering scenic wonders of Singapore, a chauffeured Rolls-Royce drive, followed by a luxury private cruise. As the duorise elegantly upon CÉ LA VI’s highly coveted venue –atop the 57thfloor of Marina Bay Sands Hotel,the sight and scent of 10,000 fresh roses set against breathtaking 360-degree views would redefine them. The gastronomic adventure, an 18-course Modern Asian menu, would then be served during sunset.

Mr Karan Tilani, Director of the WOD Group, states, “CÉ LA VI is a diamond in the sky. This could be the ultimate proposal, an exceptional occasion, or simply a celebration of life”

The $2,000,000, Dining Experiencce

While in complete privacy (the sanctuary will be reserved in their honor), the culinary voyage includes Fresh Belon Oyster with Champagne foam, AlmasCaviar, Jamón Ibérico, Gewürztraminer-Poached Foie Gras, Veal Liver, Lamb Sweetbread, Bresse  Poulet Consommé, Striped  Sea bass, Air-Flown  Alaska  Wild  Salmon,Verjus  Sorbet, Slow Cooked  Pigeon,  Glenvale  Pork  Loin and  Apple-Wood  Grilled  Mishima  Sirloin. Among  the  planet’s  most extraordinary tipples, alongside44 and 55 year-old vintage wines, are paired with the spectacular menu; 1988 Salon ‘S’ champagne, 2008  Domaine  Leflaive Chevalier-Montrachet  Grand  Cru, 1996  Domaine  de  la  Romanee-Conti, Romanee-Saint-Vivant Grand Cru,1961 Chateau Haut-Brionand 1972 Oremus Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos. During  the candle-lit  affair  (set both indoors and  al  fresco  style),the  guests  shall dine  with diamond-studded chopsticks(engraved with their names), while being seated luxuriously in custom-made designer furniture.

The grand armchairs, fabricated by The Plush and configured to the diners’ home and personality, would eventually make their way to the couple’s residence. Complementing the ambience is not only the live band; WORLD OF DIAMONDS Group has introduced an unforgettable star-studded recognition to the evening. The Jane Seymour, a beyond rare 2.08 carat Fancy Vivid Blue diamond ring, would be presented in a delectable savory.

The Jane Seymour Blue Diamond Ring and $2Million Dining Experince

The  high jewelry  masterpiece, created  to  celebrate  the  accomplishments  of illustrious A-lister Jane  Seymour,  OBE,  is encrusted with  a  cushion-cut  sparkler  that  flaunts  a  mesmerizing  blue  hue.  Seymour had worn and personally endorsed The Jane Seymour during a lavish dinner celebration at CÉ LA VI Singapore in April this year, and while the creation is in no hurry to be sold, it is the world’s only celebrity ring that isn’t pre-owned.

To  mark  the exhilarating moment  when  the  ring  finally  graces the divine one at  midnight, Louis  XIII  de  Rémy Martincognac would be served, complete with an extravagant fireworks display to the envy of the universe.

The Jane Seymour Blue Diamond Ring

“At CÉ LA VI, we live to create unique experiences that stimulate the senses, elevate the spirit, amplify passion and fuel the pursuit  of pleasure. This  ($2,000,000  dining  experience)  done  conjointly  with  our  esteemed  partner, WORLD OF DIAMONDS Group, is the zenith of all experiences”, stated Mr  David  Sarner,  CEO  ofCÉ  LA  VI Singapore.

The  conglomerates  behind  this  offering  are willing  to extend the hospitality for a night’s stay, if necessary. After all, c’est la vie. Even if you accept the eye-watering price tag however, there is a prerequisite. The enchanting experience will only be sold to a qualified individual –at the discretion of both WORLD OF DIAMONDS Group and CÉ LA VI.

CÉ LA VI Singapore: At CÉ LA VI, we live to create unique experiences that stimulate the senses, elevate the spirit, amplify passion and fuel the Pursuit of Pleasure. Iconic rooftop locations that command breathtaking 360-views. Globe-spanning culinary adventures in a spectacular setting. Cocktails that concoct magical spells –transforming surprising ingredients  into  unexpected  treasures.  Legendary  and  stratospheric  nightlife  with  a  cult  following; theme parties that are a magnet for the glitterati and jetset.This is CÉ LA VI. This is living.

World Of Diamonds (WOD) Group: Having launched and sold The Royalé Dream–the world’s most expensive perfume collection –in Singapore in 2015, the WOD Group has always been behind some of the finest diamonds and jewelry pieces. Through joint ventures with maisons in Europe and the Americas, the Russian conglomerate is almost fully integrated in diamond mining, polishing, high jewelry creation and distribution to leading houses of the  world.  As  one  of  the  largest  privately  held  diamond  mining  corporations,  the  WORLD  OF  DIAMONDS  has directly catered to billionaires and members of royal descent.

Contact ASIA@WORLDOFDIAMONDS.TV for more information

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