TrakDot GPS Device

TrakDot GPS Device
TrakDot GPS Device

The world of technology is making advances that continues to improve and enhance our daily lives. Once more, we have discovered a tech item that you will love, especially for you globe trotters out there, who have experienced luggage loss.

It’s a horrible feeling; you arrive at your destination, patiently wait for the last bag at the baggage claim and after a long wait you realize your luggage decided to make a pit stop somewhere else. The Trakdot Luggage Tracking Device will tell you exactly where your bag ended up long before the airlines figure it out. The device can be placed in any checked bag and will alert you by reporting airport-specific information in real time to any cellular telephone via text or e-mail.

Cool TechnologyNow the wait is over. No more wondering if you’ll ever get your luggage back…Now you have the power to track it yourself with the TrakDot, a powerful GPS device perfect for international travel.

It’s the first-ever luggage positioning solution with worldwide location reporting keeps you connected to your valuables anywhere, anytime.
• Place the palm-sized technology GPS device in your luggage and it will send you a text with the location of your luggage as soon as you arrive
• Provides peace of mind over baggage and valuables, used advanced technology to track luggage anywhere in the world from mobile phone or online
• Empowers you with the knowledge of your bag’s location, even if your bag does not arrive with you
• The lightweight design is built for travel and easy to use with a free app that works anywhere, no roaming fees
• Compatible with Android and Apple smartphones

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Price: $49.99 (plus annual service fee &$19.99)


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