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During the Early and Mid-2000’s Nokia was the most dominant mobile phone company in the tech world. Each device it created had a specific quality and instantly gained mass popularity. In the technology world Nokia didn’t have much competition until the IPhone and Galaxy Series came out. Even Sony began to work on their Xperia series in order to get back in the tech game. Now you can imagine that Nokia was facing such a horrible time in the tech world that it shares drop more than 40 % and the tech giant had to sell its headquarters in Finland.

The company noticed that in order to survive in the highly competitive technological world it had to come up with something new instead of working on their Symbian OS. So on November 2011, Nokia launched its new innovative technology based Lumia Series. The series mainly focused on windows based phones, at first the series wasn’t that much of a success but with the passage of time and improvement of the phones made by the company, the series started to come into the limelight.

Currently there are almost 13 different Lumias in the tech world. The Nokia Lumia 820, Lumia 900, Lumia 822 is a few of the gadgets that have gained popularity in the series. However, one technology created by Nokia stands out from the rest of the series, a Lumia that by many is considered to be one of the best handsets in tech world; the Lumia 920; an invention that leaves us impressed by its neat design and sophisticated interior technology used.

Is Nokia getting back in the technological world with its latest flag ship?  Is the cell phone any match for the likes of the IPhone 5, Samsung SIV, Xperia Z, and LG Optimus Pro? Let’s find out!

The Lumia 920 is pretty big as far as smartphones are these days measuring 130.3 x 70.8 x 10.7 mm, with the uni-bodied polycarbonate chassis providing a sturdy, premium finish. It on the right there’s the volume rocker switch, followed by the power/lock in the center and following the windows smart phone tradition it has physical camera button at the base. The body comes in brilliant hues of yellow, red and other Technicolor iterations. It has a 4.5” IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with internal memory storage of 32 GB. One of the things that Lumia 920 gained popularity is because of the staggering pictures it took with its 8Mp front camera with Carl Zeiss optics. As far as internal hardware goes, it has Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon, 1.5-gigahertz dual-core chip which runs smoothly and is not prone to any lag situations. It is first Lumia to have windows 8 OS.

 Overall, you can see that the design along with hardware of Lumia 920 is nothing but gorgeous, the display is great and the camera is phenomenal. It has a few innovative technology features that you haven’t seen before. Now you can see why it’s one of the mobile phones available today that is at least reclaiming Nokia’s reputation in the world of technology. Thank goodness for comebacks.

Check it out!

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