Technology: Microsoft Surface RT


Apple has the Ipad 4, Samsung has the Galaxy Tablet 10.2 and Google has the Nexus 10, yes my friends it’s a tough tech world out there with these beasts ruling the tablet world. So instead of fighting to produce a tablet to match the current ones in the world of technology, Microsoft thought outside of the box (Why am I not surprised?) and released its Windows 8 surface tablet.

At 9.4mm thick, it’s exactly the same thickness as Ipad 4, except that instead of masking its true girth with tapered edges, the tablet’s design looks as if it’s been chiseled from a slab of slate. The 10.6 inch display is spectacular, with 1080p high-definition resolution (1080 x 1920) and the best part is that while it is connected to TV or a monitor it can send out an even bigger, sharper picture (1440 x 2550). There are two full size USB 3.0 jack that allows you to connect all sorts of flash drives, mouse, speakers and even charge your phone as you work .The technology used in the creation of this hi fi tablet makes it the first tablet that truly can be used for creation and typing, and that actually lives up to that need including HDMI compatibility, SDXC cards and much more.

The interior technology used is as outstanding as the design of the Surface Tablet. It has NVidia Tegra 3 processor which is a Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A9 along with ULP GeForce GPU. The Icing on the cake would be a 2GB RAM. One of the key design components of the Surface that make it a more user friendly device is that the keyboard is quite close to an actual keyboard which means the keys are of the same size. It’s much more comfortable and can easily be used for longer periods, but it does have an annoying flex in the middle, so the keys tend to bounce if you’re a heavy typist. All things considered, the Surface tablet is genuinely a great alternative to the IPad.
To summarize this debate you can see that the Microsoft Windows 8 Surface TR Tablet is a wonderful piece of technology and its definitely worth the money asked ( $499) because you can enjoy it as both a tablet and a laptop. Truly the best of both worlds. Well done Microsoft.

Jacqueline Maddison is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beverly Hills Magazine. She believes in shining light on the best of the best in life. She welcomes you into the world of the rich and famous with the ultimate luxury lifestyle.
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